Au Revoir Sheffield

After over ten years of higher education, i’m embarking on my first proper job.

I am pretty scared and while i do sometimes work hard, I can pretty much say I’ve never been placed in a high paced environment This is especially one who have hired me specifically for my talents. Talents I can firmly say I don’t have.

For some reason unbeknown to me, I’ve blagged my way through life. I just got by my GCSEs, just got by my A levels, just got by my Masters and have pretty much scraped through my PhD, almost taking twice as long to finish it as some of my peers.

So I clearly don’t see myself in the same light as my peers, but for some reason, people seem to think I’m intelligent. I generally think that i am the norm but apparently not so. Even so, you only have to take me to a pub quiz and watch me sit in silence for forty-five minutes and hide in the corner when the metallurgy questions come up, to realise how much of a big roaring phoney I really am.

But in my defencet, I do learn quickly but do need to be shown the ropes, I really hope that my new team allow me the curtesy to really take in their knowledge and skills and not just assume I know what the heck i’m doing. I know i personally get annoyed when people don’t understand the basics when they have come to me for help in the past, so I hope I don’t annoy people by being the eager guy.

As for moving, I’m cutting it pretty fine. I am off tomorrow and i’ve yet to pack, buy a ticket or even found a proper place to live. I really do hate planning and somehow always manage to land on my feet. Especially now i’ve picked up a nifty netbook to have fun with on the train. Wooooo, That’s right, i’ve become one of those annoying people who watch fun movies and you have to peer inbetween the seats to see what they are watching. So that boring train ride will be a lil bit more entertaining with porn on tap.

I must say I’ve always been behind technology wise and this toy is fantastic, I can’t understand why everyone doesn’t have one, nor why you would want a silly tablet or smart phone instead. Although anyone who knows me will know i hate paying for stuff, so if you ever are in aberdeen and are looking for me, you’ll be best searching for random places that have free wifi.

Anywho, I am quite pleased about aberdeen. I am looking forward to the opportunities i will learn from my new working position up there. It should open up a lot of doors for me and i technically will never have to apply to another job ever again if i choose not to. After four yeras of trying to find this position, this pops up and i’m thankful for it. What also is surprising is that after four years of applying for any bp materials/corrosion/welding engineer position, they come to me on tuesday interested in an interview. Typical, jobs are just like buses it seems.

As for sheffield, I came here in search of a dream to become a pilot ten years ago, with the lust of tom cruise and top gun still pumping through my veins, i was naiive to life. That dream fell out of the sky faster than goose did, haha. Oh well, I guess i’ll keep my pilot wing dreams as a hobby. Mark my words, I still will touch the sky.

Anywho, I managed to literally stumble across a great number of friends and it scares me that people i met on my very first night are some of my closest friends. spooky. I’ve always believed that i have been blessed with good friends, there’s not a dudd in the bunch. I honestly dont see why they would interact with me but then again, like my intelligence, i always see myself at the bottom of the friend pile. THeres definitely a correlation there

But even though I have lots of memories of my friends in sheffield, all but two have left, leaving the town as nothing but a ghost of past memories and experiences. Going around here is like wearing shades that get progressively darker, short sighted and more astigmatised with time. Life has seem to get darker, less bright and more dull the longer I’ve stayed here.

But even with all this, I am still having a great feeling of missing this place. It has been my home for my entire adult life and alot of my first experiences at loads of shit. But that’s not why i will miss it. It’s an incredibly beautiful city with lots of green scenery. But that’s not why i will miss it. THe people here are fantastic and while there is a beautiful cultural mix of societies that get on from the students during term time, you get the cute ol biddies that come out to play during the summer and make the place romantic. But that’s not why i will miss it. Yorkshire ish ome to some of the world’s greatest brewers with a collection of beautiful pale ales that would make love to your lips, molest your tongue and would quench any fire with serendipity. But that’s not why I will miss it.

I will miss it because of her. She is Sheffield. She was my life, my laugh, my tears and my song.

As much as I didn’t want this day to come or these words to spill, the sands of time have grained their way through my palms.

*hour long pause*

Goodbye, My Immortal…