Man’s ascension to madness and back again….

Le Symptons

Apparently I have some wires crossed in my brain

Sometimes When I hear a word, A colour pops up in my brain and I keep memories as songs (the first time I met someone or relevant occasions), The same happens for smells (probably a lot worse but I can’t convey this in a blog format).

My mind infinitely conjures up images of things. I only need to hear some music play for a articulate image to form and dance in my mind. And you’ll also notice very quickly that the majority of my posts are accompanied by pieces of music that are either expected to be listened to after or during the post (I’m not sure how many people listen to them but I can’t control how a message is portrayed once its out there in the open).

There is another person who does this (and somewhat to a larger emphasis than I do) and their name is Monty Oum. He is a game designer and he choreographs fantastic scenes to music. He says that he only has to listen to a piece of music for the entire thing to be worked out in his mind and takes painstaking time in order to re-imaging such scenes for our own benefit. If you are a fan of fight scenes, I suggest you take the time to check out his HALOID and DEAD FANTASY videos (1-6) on the net (the best thing to do is simply to pick a side at the beginning and then sit back and enjoy).

Le Diagnosis

Now I will attempt to do this with a song. But instead of providing you with a video clip, I’ll instead provide you with some suggestions and hope you manage to paint the same images in your head as I do. The beauty of it is that hopefully you will be able to purely follow me through this journey since as far as I’m aware of, it  has no video, or advertising association to skew your perception of it and you’ll probably all be hearing it for the first time.

The song I’m using for this is Dorian Concepts’ ‘Clap Beep Boom’ from his amasing 2009 album, ‘WHEN PLANTES EXPLODE’

It’s lyricless so the music should be able to tell the complete story (as you may find with a piece of classical music or opera).

Also note, I’m not asking you to like the piece of music as such, it may not be to your tastes but Hopefully you can at least be able to see what I see of it after a couple of listens with my tale below.

So allow me to take you through this journey via various time slots allocated by the song. As the title of the post suggests, in my minds, eye, this song takes you through the life cycle of a genius from birth to death. Take not of the time cues for important moments in this chaacter’s lifetime. I hope you enjoy the tale

EDIT: I’ve been writing this single piece for nearly 8 months, I’m tired out if, I’m putting it out into the public domain. you can imply the other stages in this person’s life with repsect to the tune, it should be easy.

Le Medication

0:00 Birth

0:10 the learning of the foundations of life while being distracted

0:27, the higher details of education with further distractions allocated

0:46 advanced learning and the beginning of boredome and idol time

01:02 The first question of doubt against current beliefs and teachings

01:11 mild slackness from not being stimulated and the beginning of a rebellion against the system

01:19 He shuns his colleagues to do his own research

01:28 He thinks he’s made a breakthrough

01:33 excited enough to try

01:35 First attempts at doing something incredibly bad

01:39 First stumbling block but continues

01:45 second frustated attempted

01:49 Rage at Failure Followed by the Purest Ephinay

01:50 Breakthrough ‘outside the box’ thinking

1:54 Genius, they are right

201 celebration

2.02 self praise and recognistion

Wild inspiration

The world recognises his skills

almost cockyness which comes with aquired fame and his talents

complete overwhelming awersome display of his own skills

incapability to handle his own skills

The world starts to see him as a threat

mental breakdown



the passing of the reigns to a generation


using one’s skills to a lesser demand

passing on  the torch to a younger generation

idoling standing by

metnal breakdown

silent death

Le Cure

Well er… there you have it. and since this is the cure, I hope you feel much better having read this. Here’s a lil bit more Dorian Concept as a reward with a lil bit of futuristic jazz (as I would like to call it (don’t shoot the messenger))