One, Two, Skip a few, Ninety-Nine, a Hundred – My best bits so far

Believe it or not, this is my 100th post.


Go me

I didn’t really think I had it in me to write so much and I never thought I would enjoy it as much as I do.

I always had quite a creative writing mind, as early as when I was a lil bastard at primary school but unfortunately my handwriting always let me down. I could never keep up with the long winded thought structures my brain created.

I also think I process thoughts at quite a high speed so I find it hard to structure them during speech, which is why alot of time, I tend to confuse people when I talk.

However with my typing’s now at super light speed and with the ability to go back, re-edit and restructure my words into a more coherent (all be it, still long winded manner), I’m in my element.

So to any of you that have spent anytime going through my dribble, I would like to say thank you.

However on this magical of occasions, I would ask you for one favour.

If you like/hate anything you’ve read, please comment, like, rate and subscribe. (the bar on the side)thanks

SUbscribe BITCHES!!!

Your feedback is required for my emotional and technical growth and it’s nice to know what the trends are in what you like/don’t like and what gets a reaction out of you.

Also please, if you have any suggestions or topics you want me to write about let me know. But thank you for at least reading my shit, it means alot. I hope you stay for the next 100


Top Ten personal favourites

Now with this, I will give a brief lil chat about my ten personal favourite posts on here.


10. Je ma Rapelle

I really enjoy the simplicity of writing this piece and it’s one that I re-read quite regularly as it doesn’t feel like I wrote it.

I added seven lines to some song lyrics and I made it this wonderful lil piece. It’s becomes a piece about the face of music and the way it’s changed, either by the system or by the commercial aspect of it. Again the situation could be used as a metaphor for anything really, growing old or simply one becoming something that they don.t stand for over time.

Turning into your parents is always a good analogy that comes to mind (especially for one who dedicates about 99% of his life into not doing that, the funny thing is every effort to not become them is actually what will make you slip into their feet). I suppose one could even parallel it into the aspect of history repeating itself with regards to the sinusoidal cycles of war and peace we seem to dance in between.

On the plus side, I really love reading it while listening to Deadmau5 ‘I remember’, It’s such a great song.


9. Finally Everything but the Girl and Christianity Agree on something

Probably one my favourite lil conversations on love on here, although I probably should go back and make a lil bit more pretty but meh. This one is quite self explanatory and is one of the few things from church that I can pass forward.


8. And though it all seems so unfair, no one to blame when love’s not there

A song dissection for this one, and probably one of the saddest songs I know. It never fails to get a reaction out of me and I’m a big fan of eric benet (at least his day in the life album). My older brother introduced me to him and I distinctly remember him playing it in his car as he drove me to my maths tutoring lessons. Good times indeed. Anywho, this is probably one of the most selfless displays of love ever put to song and captures a specific relationship angle not usually sung about, so here’s me raving on it. I really do hope you don’t find yourself in this predicament. It isn’t pleasant.


7. What Immortal hand or eye, could frame thy fearful symmetry?

I really like this post because it’s always interesting to understand ourselves and how we are likely to react to different situations and also to different people. Again it’s one of those I would like to go back and retouch later on, make it longer and better. It’s pretty much about the brain and also the influence of facial symmetry. I really enjoyed doing the research for this and also taking the pictures and taking the tests. It’s definitely a fun one and I hope more people read it and take part in the self snapping, as I would like to see what proportion of their brains are left/right and how symmetrical their faces our.

If only I could find a job where the research could be as fun as this, I’m definitely in the wrong field, oh science, why did you take me away from the finer arts *sob*


6. The Birthday Room

While I always seem to think that I have been the same ‘me’ since I can remember, I have changed. I’m also not one for spending too much time looking back as such, so the concept of treating myself to that once a year would be kinda nice. This is just a lil glimpse into the way I tick. Perhaps not really a meaningful piece but it certainly makes you wonder. One thing about me is that I have always enjoyed my own company and I desperately wish I had my own twin. I spend my days wishing there was more of me at any given occasion to simply share private jokes with. So to have a just one day a year when that  happens is kinda nice.


5. And those were the best (blue) days of my life

Being the masochistic bastard I am, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to write a lil bit about my equivalent of Christmas, Blue Monday. A day when everyone is supposed to be miserable and I get to point and laugh at all of you son’s a bitches. Muhahaha. I had this bad boy saved up for yonks but I couldn’t get it out until the last monday in January. I first heard about the concept a few years back and now it made sense why I was so happy around that time of year. Like an adopted child, I have finally found my birth family and simply understood why I was the way I was. I felt truly complete.


4. Hesistationary

This I think is my favourite poem that I’ve written, certainly my favourite Rhyming poem. I hate rhyme poems normally.

Hesistaionary is play on words on being stationary and hesitating in a relationship. Like the kinda shock people have after seeing something horrific, or simply when you go from realising you are in trouble to finally getting your punishment, or perhaps the feeling you get when a loved one goes missing and you don’t know whether they are alive or not, or waiting for someone to pull through from an operation. I thought I would write about empathising in ‘being in someone’s shoes’ while being in a relationship with me. I always see the sadness in her piercing eyes when I read this back. And even when trying to express a tiny proportion of what she may be going through,I am completely unable to stop it. I guess tyou fellow readers will always see the torment in being put through this but I will tell you something. The agony of having to watch your actions do this to someone and to not be able to react to it is quite simply horrific. I do wonder who gets the raw deal in that relationship.

As I said in the piece, I really do wish I had the original one to showcase, I thought it was much better but I lost it. It was the first thing I have written about someone as an adult and I whipped it out in like 6 minutes (handwritten and all)..


3. Tell out my Soul

I came up with this concept of tangible emotions awhile ago. I thought wouldn’t it be great to be able to go into a hospital and have some surgery to make you happy etc, or more kind, or more ruthless for military services etc.

Then I thought that since cancer could attack anything, wouldn’t it be tragic if it attacked people’s emotions. You would remain completely physically fine but literally die inside, becoming void of life itself. So I thought that I would put this down as part of the awkward interaction of getting some test results back from a doctor.

When I originally wrote this, I wanted so badly to keep it serious and morbid throughout the whole thing but I have a bad habit of taking something and completely derailing it because I’m a self destructive masochist whore.

So I gave it a lighter finish than I wanted to. I may go back and add another ending to it though, so you can see where I was originally going with it. But I do love the concept and think it has legs, perhaps in other medias. I might expand it into a book-esque type thing with a few other pieces I have in mind, it would work well in a fictional universe I am trying to create.


2. What happens when an Unstoppable force meets and Immovable Object?

Ha, this piece was a complete blast to write. I could have continued writing it forever. Inspired by a pair of minds and wits that never should have set eyes on each other.

Just like a match, when it first strikes the card, it lights with that sprinkly trickle of light and burns intensely and brightly, but you know deep down, that sooner or later the match is going to burn down to your fingers and hurt you. But then do you blow it out early, wait a lil bit or hold on until it burns your fingers and engulfs you in flames.  Personally, I’m more inclined for a lil of the latter. Although I did feel like screaming like cruisey woosey in Vanilla Skye at some points. Good times but that Case is definitely closed.


1. Fiat Lux (let there be light)

This one is kinda amazing. In like the space of a few hours I was

  • Wondering what the first words God ever said was,
  • Looking for some beautiful fight scenes on the internet,
  • Checking the Translations of other words to latin,
  • Watching fresh prince re-runs,
  • dissecting a documentary on wesley snipes

and this whole piece just seemed to fall into place. While writing about one thing, I ended up seeing the connections into everything else. Pardon the pun but I saw loads of lights going off  in my head, sparks and dings all over the place. The funny thing is that it feels nice to read back as well, I didn’t know how potentially touching my words could be but I read it after not seeing it for a while and thought ‘ahhh, that’s sweet’. I guess I’m not an entire prick :-/ .


So there you have it

Well I hope you enjoy some of these pieces more, with a lil added insight into yours truly but that doesn’t mean everything else I’ve written is complete tatt. There’s lots to go through and alot more to come, so thanks for taking this ride with me and let’s fucking do this…

Danke all, for your patience, I will provide you with some musical bliss to shake your booties to. Tara and thanks again