Strong + Independent + African + Woman =?

I’m Officially Irked…

I’m hear to talk about two topics today, Women and Africans.

Now talking about women is easy, genetically I’m half one (and judging by my left-handed throwing, that is a gross underestimate).

And I suppose as a pariah to Africa, I have some latent pride and alot of future aspirations for it. It really shouldn’t be in its position considering all the resources it has. Without a shadow of a doubt, the african continent should have at some point in the world been a massive superpower just as rome, china, and the west all have been at some point during history. Infact, it even irks me to use the term africa, because it’s a continent but I fear separating it out may cause further confusion rather than clarity

So I will try and tie the whole thing together.

Le Premise

You see The african continent and women ultimately have the same problems. I mean look at it from a logical point of view, They both should really rule the world but they don’t.

Why not you ask?

Because dare I say women and africans can’t work together (ha, put african women in a room together and watchthe epitome in non-cooperative organisations).

Take this simple example

I mean which stupid country has oil and gets western companies to extract it for them at a high fee and then exports it as a raw product, only to buy it back at petrol, because they don’t have the facilitiies for refinement in the country? It’s not even that you can’t build those facilities but we don’t trust each other and would rather trust an outsider who would charge 300% more than our neighbour because we know our neighbour will screw us over. But the funny thing is that outsiders screw us over more, so it is in a sense a false economy.

A great man once said,

Why pay for what you can get for free

and that is exactly why these countries, and foreign organisations african nations put their trust in will NEVER let them develop to their upmost potential.

With regards to women,

A large proportion of themselves will always see another one as competition, what exactly for, who knows but there is a system of competing that is inherent and always causes a sense of mistrust, which allow men to divide and conquer. Limiting their influence over…pretty much everything. The worst thing is you can argue that 99% of anything men do is for a lady, be it mother, spouse or daughter. So with that in mind, surely men should be the slaves of the world non? Especially since evolution has shown that it isn’t the strongest of the species who conquers their environment but the most intelligent and the ones who have the ability to adapt the most. Considering women also have the key to are genetic mutation as children and also ar the vital tool in procreation (we all start off female at fertilisation and a percentage of us end up as male), this is really quite a no brainer. Infact, this logic alone pretty much disproves the adam and eve story of men existing before women but that is another point entierly.

Even when Beyonce starts spouting who runs, the world, it’s Jay-Z who told her to say Girls (and we all know how that whole destiny’s child ordeal ended up, tsk tsk, hairy top lip carter, tsk tsk). Plus the hynotic beat she steals from a MAN and the song is predominantly written by MEN. The record label she is under is written by MEn and she will undoubtedly get her paycheck for this song, from a MAN. So what gives???

So ultimately africans and women default to a lesser position than nature intended just because we are incapable of gathering trust among one another. And for some reason, it always irks me when I see something that doesn’t necessarily reach is potential and may not even realise the potential it has to reach. But these status’ are not really rocket science and have been explored before in fiction, which i will delve into at a moments notice.

Infact, I was watching the Big bang theory the other day and I found there was a term used to describe this phenomenon described in the German language. It was called


and is described as the sadness you feel by comparing the real world to an idealised one.

Click on the link to see more on it.

So with this, I will describe from my point of views some of the idealised worlds that have been created where the triumphs of women and africans working in cooperation have been fruitful.

Fictional Utopia UNO

Two points here that really annoy me that help display the englightened status of these two class of individuals whom I present before you.

THe first being stan lee. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to create the first black person in comics or even the first black person to star in his own comic (lobo) but he is accredited of  creating the first black superhero (The Black Panther).

He  comes from a mythical west african country known as Wakanda which has never been conquired and is the most technologically advanced country in the west. They have a rare material known as vibranium that is priceless to the west but instead they use it to help build and advanced their infrastructure. All the young were sent out to the west in order to learn and then returned to advanced their nation. Their head of state is the title mantra of the black panther which is earnt through ritual trials and combats and is opened to challenge at any time.
Throughout every crisis in marvel, hulk roaming, mythical creatures from alternate dimensions, the very gods themselves going into chaos, wakanda has never perished and has always been revered as earth’s last defence, it’s Zion equivalent to the matrix. He is questionably the physical peak of knowledge and is here shown being capable of taking down Marvel’s boy scout hero, Captain America with some great ease.

Wakanda is shown as a great nation who has never been conqured and is more interested in maintaining its people’s wealth of life rather than dealing with the issues of the outside world. They are incredibly insular and self-maintaining, with cures to all the world’s diseases, a sense of technological advancement emulating something alien and with a core root of traditional life, peace and welfare.

Now how can a capitalist ego-centric bugger like Stan Lee manage to come up with a staple prediction of what africa can be when the rest of the world only sees famine, corruption, disease and dishonest people. It is such a deep deep shame.

The Black Entertainment Network (BET) ran a six part show based off Six part story called ‘Who is the Black Panther’ written by Reginald Hudlin and it secretly gets me that the characters are portrayed with african accents and also with such strength and grace. Infact the beginning sequence is supposed to be in Wakandan and the show draws in Djimon Hounsou who is potentially hollywood’s most famous african actor, as well as Jill Scott for voice acting prowesses.

It brought me to tears the first time i watched it, as the opening scenes show over the years many attempts to conquer the land and it’s just….the catalyst for a deep deep seeded batch of weltschmerz

Fictional Utopia Dos

The second is wonder woman, a lady who comes from a race themiscera, an island where men don’t exist, where peace prevails and the natures of womanhood are at their formost, a land where women cooperate and put aside their differences in order to triumph over adversity.

Now originally Diana was designed to be a sort of Superman female equivalent and I generally  hate these sort of characters in Fiction, as they will always be outshone by their male counterparts but to be fair, she has grown out her her mould somewhat.

She has taken more of the Amazonian role and with some respect has been shown to shed some of the feminine soft aspects of her character before. She has become more of a warrior race equivalent and an ambassador to her people, unable to understand the issues and the war that surrounds the male dominant world we have today. Saying this though, she has far less tolerance for her enemies and insorbordination is something she deals with, with a firm hand to say the least.

She is amongst the best hand-to-hand combatants in her world as well, well scholared and even though she fits best into a role dominated with male based heroes, she has shown to be able to hold her own and work best when operating with her own kind in Themyscera, where they always note that she is continued to be tainted by the outside world on her trips back home.


Both of these societies are self dependant socities that don’t let the outside penetrate them because the outside has nothing to offer them with regards of beneficial progress.

I just find it a shame that small boring men in rooms, can paint pictures of how the world should be, relatively easily and sell them back to us as folklore when the possibilities to make those world possible are capable in less than a single lifetime. Especially in a rapidly evolving world like the one we have at the moment.

Don’t they say evil always manages to prevail when good people do nothing?

maybe instead having external think tanks, groups of strong women and africans should get together to solve their problems from the inside-out. All it requires is some Kris Akabusi style P.M.A

*sob* *sob* *sob*

Perhaps that is indeed the answer to my current batch of weltschermz, it sure beats everyone else’s approach to just letting things slide.


As for the answer to the dillemma in the thread title…

take that Halle Shitty Berry