The Key to Immortality

We are born to die

We are, as a society unable to deal with the essence of death very well. It’s not something that comes naturally to any of us, neither is it something that we are taught to deal with in any shape or form. For alot of people, the reality of losing someone close to them, or potentially ending up in a life threatening situation scares the absolute bejeezus out of them

Infact, I believe this is one of the reasons why religions were formed back in the day, that is of course if you don’t believe that any retain any realistic outlook on creation.

I would say religions cover three main topics. How we got to where we are, how to live your life, and what we will end up doing after we pop our clogs. The strange fact, is that the majority of religious conflicts are actually based on the creation and afterlife aspects of it, while most kinda adhere to the usual trollocks everyone ‘should’ know on how to live a normal life.

But religions fail to recognise the real truth behind death but I will come to that later.


Since we have an unhealthy relationship with dying also comes an unhealthy relationship with aging. Now I would say that this phenomenon isn’t purely based on the necessity to cheat death but with our fear of death comes an unhealthy relationship with the youth and being youthful looking. Hence why billions of dollars are spent by consumers on so called anti-aging devices, fitness regimes, surgeries and what not. Again these are pressures we have apparently put on ourselves with a society but it hasn’t been just isolated to these times.

From years gone by there have been quests for the so called fountain of youth. Ironically we have a strange fascination with the living dead in the form of vampires, who have managed to succumb to the notion of death and come out the other side its master, as well as being the master of youth, retaining one’s physical peak for the rest of their dying days. Searches for talisman’s such as the holy grail have caused massacres in the name of finding something to extend our life on this planet.

You are dead

However like i said before, we fail to realise something that is right infront of us and is quite a scary notion when you think about life/death.

We die everyday. You’ve partaken in the act of killing yourself without probably realising it, sometimes voluntarily, sometimes involuntarily.

You see, we exist as nothing more than an amalgam of cells, each with a respectable shelf life.

I was watching QI and reading up their interesting facts on their wikipedia page entries when I came across two lil gems which kinda re-opened my eyes to a certain fact.

We shed skin. We cut our hair and we trim our nails. While these may all be non-painful acts, there was something that was a part of us that is now not. Cells were generated and now they don’t exist as they have been replaced by newer cells. And one would say that isn’t a large deal even though skin is the biggest organ of our body. Infact, they say that on average we go through 900 sets of skins in our lifetime.

But if we go through skin, we apparently go through everything else. According to IQ, the YOU, You are now will probably only exist till the end of this sentence, by the end of it, you would have become a completely different entity.

Your entire skeleton is replaced every TEN YEARS max.

98% of the 7 billion billion billion atoms in your body are replaced on an annual body.

Your red blood cells regenerate every 120 days

your liver regenerates 300-500 days

pretty much nothing that existed in you on the day you are born exists in your right now.

So what the hell are you and have you died already, I believe so.

Case Example

so you take a look at a picture of a person as a child, like moi


And you wonder whether this person exists or not and on a scientific level, you have to go technically no. because all the cells that existed in that form have already died and have been replaced with new ones.

So who am I if i am not that baby?

And what happened to that baby?

Well your cut hair, toe clippings and dust, urine, feces, sweat and general waste products you produce will answer that question. As eric benet once covered, ‘All we are is dust in the wind’

But surely you would think that all those cells and atoms would have come attached with a a tangible soul of its own as technically we could collect and regenerate those cells again to form a clone of yourself as such (theoretically possible using quantum physic mechanics and the theories behind string theory and teleportation) and wouldn’t it have a soul

What happened to the soul of that body when it died, when in fact you died?


THe truth is you die a death a daily death and nothing happens.

SO when collections of your atoms have died separately and nothing has happened, what is the likelihood of something happening when they all apparently die simultaneously? Surely the odds don’t add up to the existence of an afterlife, filled with infinite versions of yourself who have also passed that threshold

So there it is. You’ve died a billion times and will die a  billion times more before your death.

I want to live forever

So with this constant death of life, I bring us back to the original posts’ idea, Immortality.

The only way to truly live on I believe, is not in the form of a physical entity, you need to do what most religions believe and transcend the manifestation of your physical limitations and exist on an infinitely larger abstract scale.

You need to become a concept, or an ideal?

And i fully understand this since i have operated in the field of academia.

We live on a world that has been built on the shoulders of the immortals. In everything we do and operate. Your lifestyle has been completely developed by immortal beings who have given up their lives to provide your way of life.

The simplest notion of this is for those who have given up their lives in order to provide the civil liberties that wash over us today without realising it. The majority of these are the silent immortals that the majority of us will end up being.

You have the hall of fame sportstars

You have the famous scientists with equipment, equations, theories and structures named after them

You have those who have their tales made into pieces of factual and fictional entertainment.

YOu have those who become monsters and warning tales of those who could wander to closely to their dark side

You have beacons of life who become beacons of hope, peace and prosperity

You have those who you may never know them but their work has gone into the development, manufacturing, shipping, and installation of various technologies

You have those uncles who passed on legacies for their nephews to follow

NO man is an island

Since it is almost impossible to operate solely, your life is ultimately entwinned with mine and everyone elses whether you wish to realise it or not. The act of the butterfly affect and how something you do hear may affect the life of someone right across the world has never been more valid than in simply having you at home reading this post.

So understanding that logic, we are all destined to die and become part of the silent immortal fabric of evolution. I wonder if this is the eternal life that was promised to everyone when it was original perceived.

Even so, we still have the ability to improve this impact maybe on a smaller or global scale by simply trying to make an impact on those around us or as society as a whole. Remember that your name may be forgotten as are te billions who came before you but rest assured that it is possible to raise that bar, remember that it is not a sprint and all you need to do is to simply move it from your feet above your head and rest assured someone somewhere will pick it and raise it again.

Or lower the bar, it’s really up to the impact you wish to leave and the legacy you want associated with yourself. Remember you will have one more finite death and there will be no more times to act after that, so make the ones you have now count. It only takes a second to live forever, even if you don’t want to.


Sorry for boring you to death with this, although technically, you were dying anyway. I’ll leave you a lil speech Buffy gave her sister before she passed away, and her immortalised last gift.


listen to me, listen.

I love you.

I will always love you.

But this is the work that I have to do.

Tell Giles… tell Giles I figured it out.

And, and I’m okay.

And give my love to my friends.

You have to take care of them now.

You have to take care of each other.

Dawn, the hardest thing in this world… is to live in it.

Be brave. Live… for me.