What a wicked web we weave, when we have learnt how to conceive

Recently my flatmate and me were having a discussion about something, I can’t even remember what but he said this thing. I guess we ended up talking about how expensive having kids are, and what are we going to with are midlife crisis fortune. So he came out with this gem…

‘Having kids is a choice, you don’t have to have them’.

And i was like ‘waaaaaaaaaahhhhh?’

Is it really a choice? Surely it’s not like deciding between Nike and Reebok with regards to what type of trainers you buy.

It’s not like mcdonalds or burger king because the choice is easily mcdonalds for breakfast meals and burger king during the day

It’s not like deciding what unversity to go to or courses you want to take when you are leaving school.

Having children is a natural occurrence that we are almost predestined to go through.

Consider when you join a new company and when they give you your contract, you are also given a pension as a standard issue and if you don’t want it you have to opt-OUT of it. But the rigmoral of going through all the paper work generally means you will get screwed out of having a lovely pension that you’ve dedicated all your life putting money into.

I consider the choice to NOT have children being the same as opting out of the pension scheme and it’s alot harder in priciple than we think.

Considerng the majority of us were brought up in some family structure that was at least decent for a day, we take our past experiences and wish to push them forward the mimmic the greatness and manage the pitfalls of our own parents in a newer breed of life, hopefully after an infinitely interative learning process that will provide the perfect human beings of the future.

This is the sole reason why are population is spiralling out of control, heck, even nature comes up with more and more creative ways to kill us but our medication and healthcare systems means that more of us bandits make it out the other side.

Whilst i am one who normally advocates the thoughts that one is in complete control over his own choices and destiny, i don’t think that in this situation we have the strength to find the nature of the situation. We are completely geared to procreate, it’s one of the things that defines us as a living being.

so really What I’m asking for is perhaps some other view points on this becaause it’s all up in the air for me.