Flower Power…

Plants are pretty crazy shit

Just like people,


Here are some of the similarities

Some of us like plants, need specific conditions in order to flourish

Some people are like cacti and can survive anywhere without any real effort

Some people are more delicate and need constant attention to flourish

You also have weeds that can come in ruin things

You also have things that don’t always look good and when you peak into someone else’s garden, it doesn’t necessarily look greener, but what you don’t see are the solid rooted nature of the growth.

You have beautiful plants that can be washed away by unforeseen acts of god

You can have constant predators of your crop in order to take it for its own good, or to feed off your hard work. They nibble and nibble until nothing is left, like pesticides

You have strong trees that while may bend, never fall

You have tiny things which take so much work but are truly beautiful considering the work that has been put into it

Some plants only flower and germinate every once in a blue moon and then can last a lifetime

Some plants can pop up all the time but then only have a short life time

Then you have lovely crop which not only are able to sustain themselves but form a lively aspect of their own ecosystem, gaining an state of dependency and dependence alike in unison.

And then you have other vegetations which just happen to kill everything around them in order to survive.z

And you get great botanists that are able to grow one thing and not another.

and those who mass produce a single item for profit.

and then there’s the change of season where you have to accept that nothing will grow

with all conditions such as soil, climate, fertilizer¬† etc, it’s amazing anything grows at all.

Quite uncanny when you think about it.

So you have to wonder, how does nature manage to make this all happen without any concious effort behind it.

Billions of type of vegetation manage to flourish with no particular outside intelligent influence altogether.

They just simple are, or simply are not.

But mother nature seems to always know the best way.

While one would claim, ‘if you want to make lemonade, you have to squeeze a few lemons’, sometimes its best to simply believe that nature who has been doing this for eons before us, will know the best of what to provide.

So sometimes it is just best to let whatever will be, simply be and leave it to nature to figure it out.

All we need to know is how we operate as seeds, and to simply sprinkle ourselves across what is most likely to make us flourish (and sometimes what won’t) and let evolution and nature provide.

With this we can get the best mix of the combination of nature and nurture

and hopefully thrive in our environment.

Whatever that unique environment may be.

Green peace to all.