Addiction…By Calvin Klein

Apart we are whole but holed

Together we fit but are broken

I cant even fathom a question

In order to find an answer to resolve this dillemma

I can neither love you or unlove you simultaneously

I can’t move in any direction

All steps carry equal measure of right and wrong paces

My options are to suffocate or breath poisonous gas

I cry shards of glass to relieve the burning sensation on my cheeks

I’m fighting invisible enemies cloaked in the guises of my friends

I’ve grown numb to numbness itself

I touch but don’t feel, I hear but don’t listen…

Instead I gouge and fail to take heed

I can’t live without you but I know you’ll kill me

Everynight I close my eyes and have beatiful visions and horrid nightmares

Yet they are the same dream

Is this Hell?

If so, is it too late to repent, I’m so sorry…

But given the opportunity, I’d sin again

Because quite simply

You don’t give me a choice not to

My Immortal…