Quote of the Year 2011

At the End of Last year, I wrote an entry called Quote of the Year 2010 (click to read it), which I enjoyed writing, so I think I’m going to carry on from this tradition

It’s abit early to make this one but I think i’ve already made up my mind of this a couple of months ago. I was being democratic waiting for something to top it but I doubt it’s going to happen.

So earlier this year, I continued with a tradition I have started doing as a kinda routine and stayed in and had a Eurovision song contest party. It wasn’t anything flash but out of the 25 or so acts, there’s normally one or two that stick in my head. Also sometimes I managed to catch the semi finals and I definitely have noticed with music, I hardly ever like something the first time i hear it. By the third time it has become a part of my soul. There is something quite refreshing about hearing a song you’ve heard before and having that acquaintance with it. Only once have i liked a song (4 songs) on first ‘view’ (Ben Westbeech you sly mofo).

So up comes Serbia’s entry and it’s by this lady called Nina, it’s this beautiful kinda 60s song called Caroban, with a catchy hook and even though its sung in a language that is alien to me, its melodic lyrics, the deep tone of nina’s hynoptic routine and general atmophere and weight of the song strike a chord. It also helped that nina herself was rocking a short blonde bob, which is a winner haircut in my eyes (not sure about her eyebrows but we’ll overlook that).

Then I started rooting for them and for some crazy reason they didn’t even make it into the top ten, which absolutely killed my night (the twelve points they got from spain was like an orgasm though, haha i felt like a football hooligan watching england score against aregentina, oh my ovaries 🙂 )

So by the monday now, my curiosity got the best of me and I tried to find out the vid on youtube in order to listen to it and I stumbled upon the english version of it. It’s Caroban is actually translated to magical. Here it is below:

The song tell the tale of a woman who is having a shit day and she gets home and is pretty much greeted by the love of her life. It then goes into describe how he makes her feel. In the chorus out of nowhere when i was first listening, I found this utter gem.

He takes my darkest thoughts and colours them YELLOW

*orgasmic shudder*

OIn my first audio sampling of this, my heart just melted completely, and I almost slouched to a fully horizontal thing in my chair, while my tongue latched wide open and my tongue paraded out of my mouth. It’s probably the most moving thing I’ve heard in a long long time.

Well firstly my favourite colour of all time is yellow so it had a personal sentiments. Then you have the notion of someone coming into your life and making it a brighter place. I mean this isn’t something new but to have someone actually delve into your darkest regiosn in the psyche and to make those the brightest colour ever, it just sounds so wonderful.

Personally, I have a cluster of dark thoughts, I can’t even determine where they reside let alone what colour they are. The thought of someone making them dissapear and making them as technicolour as the rest of my mind is something simply ‘magical’ (pardon the pun). I shouldn’t really wish but if I ever found these qualities in a partner, I’ve already found my Shangrila and I won’t need to die to experience being in heaven.

Saying that, I’d probably find that in a woman formally known as Adrian, I’ll introduce you guys to her sometime, when she has a face…

If you ever encounter anyone in your life who makes you feel this way, subtlely let them know without inflating their ego, you are truly blessed and should appreciate them more in your lives. They are rare breeds.

So I believe that’s probably going to stay quote of the year for the rest of 2011, if it gets beaten I will let you.

By the by, a close second would come from Gil Scott heron’s ‘On coming from a broken home’, a spoken poem laid over kanye west’s flashing lights beat, where he discloses the relationship with the women who brought him up, and how not having a male role model in his life never affected him as such.

He talks about his grandma and says

I absolutely loved her from the marrow of my bones

*2nd orgasmic shudder and sultry love eyes*

I wish i could write and communicate like Gil, his voice, tempo and narrative style has me mesmorised and his words are just *gasp*. He’s the one who wrote the fantastic ‘The revolution will not be televised’ piece from back in the day if anyone is interested.

I thought I would squeeze Gil into this post as he recently died and I believe his work should be tributed here. In fact his piece in the video above, almost plays like an epitaph on his life in general and feels like a ‘goodbye piece’ for him rather than to his grandmother. Benji B, my ear lobe crush, recently did a tribute to him and anything benji b does, I need to emulate. So this is my runner up prize dedicated to gil, a Bottle



Gil wrote this wonderful song about alcoholism in the black youth in america and it’s the first piece of music from him that I heard, It made me fall in love with him about two years ago.

I sometimes think whether if an alcoholic had someone in their life who had soemone who coloured their darkest paths yellow, whether any of them would be where they are now.

It does make me wonder, but i wish Nina’s lyrical inspiration on everyone who reads this, there’s no greater wish i can think of to bestow on another in 2011.

Take care and catch you in 2012, I’m off to go buy some paint…