A screaming Blake wrapped in a falling cape

Right, this is a simple piece but I just want to give you a smigen of knowledge on the title and where everythign originates from

What the flying fuck is the Wilhelm Scream Asshole?

The Wilhelm scream is a famous soundbyte that is used when characters have been dying and can be found in every single indiana jones and star wars film ever made. It was originally produced in 1953 for a Western film called Charge at Feather river and is supposed to represent the sound a person would make if being bitten by a Killer croc

Anywho, as you can imagine, alot of sound editors enjoyed it and started working it into their films and then it became somewhat of an injoke for industry and was used extensively for either people blowing up stuff or falling to their deaths


Death Wish

My dying wish, if i ever have a terminal condition, please kidnap me and push me to my death over a cliff and before i die, edit the wilhelm scream onto the video so i can view it, it would be the perfect send off into the afterlife.

So there you have it, the Wilhelm scream is a legendary sound that is somewhat timeless and will forever echo through the generations.


Inspirational Music

This is the vibe that jame blake went with when he created his masterpiece of the same name released late last year. To be honest, I sometimes hate the music industry, i get to listen to some truly amazing stuff that 95% of people will never even here and its great but quite sad at the same time. Anywho, here it is but along side it is a video clip from superman returns, I’ve found that if you watch the clip (on mute) simultaneously with the music, you get quite a powerful picture being painted.

The song itself I believe has a simple dual message. It’s either  the overwhelming feeling you get when you are falling in love, or the overwhelming feeling you have about falling out of love. in each case, james decides to surrender to the tide of his emotions, either leading to euphoria or complete dispair. the repetitive nature of the lyrics simply help drum in the message of the strength of the emotions being felt and also his complete powerlessness.

The reason I feel the video below helps is because you have this powerful image from superman returns, who everyone knows can do anything, find himself in a powerless situation. He has just hurtled a city sized kyrptoniste object into space almost killing him and instead of fighting for his existence, he simply gives in and hurtling to the ground unconcious, even the christlike manner in which he first starts to plummet helps highlight his complete helplessness. Even those who made us believe a man could fly can now make us believe even he can fall. Quite powerful when you think about it.

The video also coicidentally has a close up of his unconcious face when the song lyrics are ‘I don’t know about my dreams’, towhich you wonder if his mind goes to the love of his life and coming to terms with leaving her for good. It certainly does make you ponder


I love jamie

Anywho, while I’m hear munching on Jame Blakes dick, I’d like to introduce you to some other gems from him

The next being quite possibly the Greatest named track I’ve ever heard. CMYK. Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black are the standard colours of a printer and in theory can be used to create pretty much every other colour you might need printed out. it in effects take something and blends it into something else to make it new. This is the concept of most people in the music industry who tend to sample older tracks to make new ones. Normally though  only a small segment of the track is samples.

james blake manages to create a full song out of sampled beats. for those of you with a cunning ear, I won’t spoil you by telling you where all the original parts of the song come from, but there are ways to find out if you are still interested

I could honestly talk about this stuff for a million years so i will just leave you with two more of his tracks here, postpone and love what happned here, and a limit to your love (which is another great simple piano track. (by the by if any of you who have never had the pleasure of hearing dj benji b, hes the one ranting on love what happened here, he’s my musical hero).

Oh by the by, Postpone, has one of the BEST musical build ups to a drop ever…take it from 0:41 to 1:49, christ, if I ever heard the pleasure of hearing that in a club, i might actually go insane. i’ve been chucked out of many a one-man party when listening to that before. crikey

anywho, to tie all this shit up, let james blake become a wilhelm scream in your life, he’s a great artist and everyone should know about him.

Oh shit, R & S Records are after me on copyright infringement issues, they’ve pushed me onto the balcony, i’m being pushed off…