Through my eyes…

Wow, I was going through my old computer at work and I found this badboy I wrote back in April 2008. I think this is officially the first piece of writing I’ve done in my modern era as an ‘adult’ from my long hiatus from it at School. With the time that has passed, it’s nice to read it as it doesn’t feel like it’s mine and I can apprecciate it as an outsider. It also makes me kinda want to meet this person the author was writing about, they don’t seem that bad and certainly not how I remember them. SO in a sense, I can with this poem get a glimpse of how the author saw her, like a weird time portal. But that is life I suppose, nothing ever changes and nothing ever stays the same. Anywho, I’ll leave you to it.



Through the  wind, through the rain,

Through the fire, through the chains,

Through all obstacles you came.


Through the darkest  of nights,

Like the wind through a kite,

Through the lows to the heights.


Through the barriers well placed,

Through the core filled with lace,

Through my every trace.


Through the heat, through the sweat,

Through the tears that were wept,

Through the pain and regret.


 Through the joy that you bring,

Through your eyes, through your wings,

Through your everything.


Through all we’ve achieved,

Through the pain now relieved,

You’ve made me finally believe.


From beginning to end,

Through all life’s bends,

You’re my greatest friend.


From the depths of sorrow,

You’ve made my heart glow.

You’ll never truly know,

The way I See you,

Through my eyes.