May 11

Bancey’s Butterflies

During my time at University, I became good friends with a quiet genius. His insight into life and things was always quite remarkable and his intelligence is somewhat unrivalled. He also had a mean tennis stroke. Alongside all of this, was the attribute that he is a gifted musician, one who probably should persue a serious career in it (if he ever managed to practice more). On my 23rd birthday as a Joke,  I asked him to give me an album of his own devising. So he did, and to my dismay, It’s one of the best albums that I have in my collection. There are times when I listen to his music and am fortunate to realise that I’m one of the few people on the planet that have heard it. It makes me feel blessed.

Since I’m such an amazing person, I would like to share with you some of his beautiful melodies as he has recently got an artist page up on Facebook.  Also he has uploaded some of his songs on there as well. I emplore you to have a look and take not all the sounds you hear on there are derived from him, he literally plays everything and have produced these tracks on his own. I personally recommend the first track, ‘The Calling’ is truly epic.

Here is his profile and the original

by the by, the facebook music player is a lil on the gash side, if you want to listen to the next track, you have to drag the curser to the end of the track its currently on and then wait for the next one to load up (what a ball ache if you want to listen to the last song) *sob*

This brings me on to one of his pieces and the last one on the list, Butterflies. A while ago it inspired me to rewrite the lyrics to the song as a poem but it can still be sung along to the tune of the original me thinks. It’s certainly a different mood to the original but I feel it manages to convey an important tale. Life has it surprises and while I have tried my best to limit my Love of the Janet Jackson from this place, her video and song for together again’s remix actually fit in quite well with the theme of this story, so it accompanies it at the bottom. Please enjoy the poem and the video, but most of all, if you listent to Bancey’s music and like it, add it to your likes on facebook and start spreading the word. I want my ‘getting his music out there’ to be my good deed of the day. Y’all take care now.


BUTTERFLIES (the ‘I can’t stand the rain’ remix)


She came to me in ‘99

But yesterday, my daughter died

She turned to me, where she lie

With her dying breath, (she said) Butterflies


My partner said that I was fine

Don’t worry love, just pour some wine.

So I drove us home in drunken strife

And carelessly took their life.


So Steadily, I carry on.

My true feelings, hide in this song.

They’d know how to calm me down.

But as you’d know, they are both gone now.


I need escape, from this tomb

I demand egestion from depression’s womb

Too much shame for me to hide

With my dying glaze, (I see) Butterflies