My Reflection

This is a poem inserted into a song done by Osunlade (of the same name). A video to the song is provided below. The poem is read by Divine Essence. I find it quite beautiful. I hope you feel the same



You are My Reflection

So that all that I have to say must penetrate

You are my reflection

There is no other way to communicate

You are all I need to survive

You help to sustain my life

I don’t know what I would do without you

Because if I don’t breathe

You don’t exist

If I don’t call you by your name

I’ve misrepresented

My soul


You are my reflection

My smile in the morning

My healthy morning meal

My prayer in the afternoon

I call on you,

I wake you up, in me


Deep in the sense of my being

You are indeed a reflection of me

You are my good night’s rest

My full day of accomplishment


Are a costant reminder of why I’m here


You, like me bear seeds of relief to the world

We raise good crop for the hungry souls to eat from

We, as a team, walk gracefully

Tilling the land

You are my reflection


Hear I stand

With you in mind

And everytime

Somoene smiles at me

And gives reward

I know that you are here


You are my sears portrait

With no sitting fee

No time to rest when the world is at its knees

No time to make appointments

No time to take notice

No waiting for your name to be called

I move to the rhythm of your heatbeat



You are my reflection

With you i have no fear

With you there is nothing I can’t bear

You are my weapons against enemies

Sometimes people think I’m crazy

Because with you,

I see no boundaries

A ‘no limit’ soldier

A woman who’s beared fruit

And named him after her


Love with you is real

I have no doubt

Because everytime I speak…


I always think of you

I think of your eyes

I always think of you

I think of your smile

Do you ever think of me?

Think of my charms?

I always dream of you

Being in your arms..