Always a woman


My new current obsession, A piece of advertising genius provided by John Lewis. It uses Billy Joels ‘She’s always a woman’ song which is beautifully covered by Fyfe Dangerfield to protray the evolution of a modern day woman, while trying to get you to subliminaly stick with the John Lewis Brand till your dying days (or at least till your husband throws a cricket ball at your mixed race grandkids :-/ )





Anywho, I liked it so much, I’m going to rewrite it about various women that have impacted on my being. I only have space for 10, so please don’t plan to cut me if you don’t make the cut. Let me know what you think.


Always xx



She  can argue you to death till you fall on your side,

And confront all those bastards who mistreat her pride.

But come rain or fall, she’ll stand by your side.

She’s may act like an axe,

But she’s always  my mother to me.


She’ll disagree with your decisions at every turn,

She’ll make life more difficult and make your blood burn.

But together you’re stronger, over time you will learn.

She’s quite clearly impossible,

But she’s always my  sister to me.


She’ll open her doors in the dead of the night,

She’ll let you ramble on till morning sun’s first light.

Without a sense of  frustation or anger in sight.

She treats your wounds as Nurse Navaratnam,

But she’s always Mother Mani, to me.


She’ll moan about boyfriends till your blue in the face,

She’ll promise to leave them, though that’s never the case.

She’ll copy your homework with the sweetests of face.

She may be only pint-sized,

But she’s always Miss Harry, to me.


She ‘ll fuck with your mind, she’ll play with your head,

She’ll make you make you recount every word you had said.

And she’d do all off this, while still ten steps ahead.

She’s  half woman, half diety,

But she’s always Miss V to me


She could  smile with the brightness to rival the stars,

And you could watch her just laughing for hours and hours.

You’ll always regret that your lives weren’t ever called ‘ours’

In another world she was mine,

But she’ll always be better without me


She could wake up beside you with the most beautiful eyes,

She could live right beside you, concealing her lies.

She can remember the time when you last ever cried,

She’ll build and crush your dreams

But She’s always Ol Moon Face, to me


She can preach about love with her whimsical tones,

She can dance and perform like nobody’s own.

Her velvet rope album, firmly still holds the throne.

Her Friends Call her Janet,

But She’s always  Miss Jackson, to me


She can strut in her heels and glisten in tights,

Her body is carved out of pure kyptonite.

She’ll make you forget how often you’ve crashed porn websites.

She sucks dick like a Dyson,

But She’s always sweet AVY to me


She can lure you right over , She can give you a kiss,

She can love you for a second, then fade into mist.

She’ll carve a whole in your heart that you cannot dismiss,

You’ll never remember her name,

But She’s always THE ONE, to me


Rest assured if you didn’t make it, I have one last line that will probably cover the remainder of you

You’re all mental

There, you should all be happy now.

*** full song below, fyfe dangerfield version***