Revenge is a dish best cooked in a boil-in-a-bag microwave tesco meal

Now Normally I quite hate the dissectionof pieces of work that I actually adore, but in this instance, I can forsake my natural urges and gratify my own need to overanalyze with this beautiful piece from the perry bible fellowship. The whole thing is just pure brilliance.

Further more, the artist makes apologies to Edward Gorey at the side of the first panel, which causes even more intruiged as this person clearly must be explored in greater detail. Simply plugging his name into wikipedia causes insight into a writer and illustrator who lived to produce the surreal and what the mainstream audience would count as bizzare but twisted souls like myself (and probably you lot would relish in). Feel free to have a ponder.

Right on with the show…

The throbble foot aquarium is a story about a man who drowns his cat for eating his goldfish. But there is a juxtaposition between the words and the writing which meant they didnt mention it. Voila


the writing part gives the impression that this gentleman indeed loved his cat more than anything solid, her name was duchess for god’s sake. Quite clearly an old original love, an older being that had been pampered and up to that point had managed to get away with anything and everything she had wanted. She was his everything.

But then good ol Lochlan finds a new love. Not necessarily even a love since the fish in this story is not given a lavish name, a fancy tank or anything particular that would suggest so. But he manages to deviate some of this time away from teh duchess.

It’s unclear as to reasons why this crazy cat wanted the fish dead, perhaps it was hungry, perhaps it was jealous, perphas she just thought she could get away with what she wanted. We don’t really know, we don’t even know how often the fucked up kitty had been pissing on his parade. The only thing we can tell from the second panel is that she quite clearly operates without the notion of regret and ultimately believes that lochlan’s idolisation of her will ultimately lead to her either not being recognised leaving the scene of the crime or the first panel or simply forgiven or not recognised as the accomplice in this most heinous of crimes.

So with this ultimately comes Lochlan snapping and deciding to deal with the problem at the route and really the impromptu topic of this particular blog. REVENGE

Now the juxposition of the words and the collection of images highlight the two means people can act out revenge. You can either go the entire mad crazy route, or you can go down the cold calm manipulative route. One would argue that one is clearly better than the other, although which one depends on  how frustrated and pent up you are about the flow of actions which lead up to it.

It appears Good ol lochlan has decided to perhaps go down the brutal route, yet in hindsight recall the aftermath in a manipulative indifferent manner. Does this make him the monster, or perhaps a victim of torment by a piece of property who had come to take him and his way of life for granted. Who knows but the fitting reverberating point is DON’T FUCK WITH THE LOCHLAN, and when he goes for his badass scarf, he’s going to bum you…
But in the total entire seriousness of everything, the best way to deal with someone you once considered in good regard but then screwed you over I found was in this documentary I once watched on racism, I wish i could recall what it was called but the knowledge seems to escape me
anywho, it was this black preacher who was tormented daily by these batch of white extremists. They beat him up, vandalised his church and eventually ended up burning his house down. On each occassion, he would casually raise, and repeat somethign along the lines of  ‘I forgive you’. I mean clearly this basatard didn’t realise there’s a gun license in the states and therefore was permitted to go Lee Harvey oswald on these bastards but it seemed his softer approach eventually hit a tone with a few of them.
You see, he had managed to get them to max out their arsehole gene. In a sense he gaped their bad behaviour to the elastic limit. This also happened (in a sense) in one episode of the Hulk, he has this ‘the madder he gets, the stronger he gets’ but one sneaky bastard managed to max out his anger, forcing him to subdue. The same was done with the extremist who decided that heresay and racial stereotyping was no longer enough to justify his actions who had shown him probably more forgiveness than everyone else in their life.
Now of course, this only works if the person who’s screwing you over, has enough self awareness to realise their are being shit, otherwise, this might seem a lil bit pointless. But before you go about acting revenge on those who have done you wrongly, remember Lochlan. Earlier in the day, he had two pets, and now he has none. He now clearly resides alone. So maybe the duchess one after all and this was her calm manipulative revenge scheme on lochlan…