Here Comes the Sun…

It’s been two hours since she’s was at home with her beloved

About 110 mins since she just popped out to get some milk

90 Minutes since she woke up alone and tied  in a cold lifeless room

Just over an hour since she managed to scuffle out of her shackled chair

45 minutes since she stopped screaming and shouting at no one around

A quarter of an hour since she gave up on trying to escape

A few minutes since the tears stopped flowing down her cheeks

About 45 seconds since she had last made peace with her maker.

and moments away from the door being finally peeled open.

She sat huddled in the far corner of the room as the light from the door hits and illuminates her to the figure who creeps in, while she can only make out their silhouette.

‘Oh’ she uttered, almost disappointingly…’It’s you…’

‘So you know why you’re hear and what I have to to?’, the figure replied

She sighed deeply and retorts…

‘It was only a matter of time before you found me, let’s get on with it’.

All her previous anxieties and fear vanished from her as she erected from her position. She took the remnants of her original chair, used to bash at the door and placed it in the centre of the room, where she originally was and slouched right down into it…

‘I take it this is your first time killing someone?’ she asks…

Silence falls on her empty rhetoric.

The figure then stepped into the room blocking the shiny light behind them. You could now see they were in full military attire, with an assault rifle slung over their right shoulder and a sidearm pistol attached to their waist. They carried the smell of faint cigar smoke, a fresher version which was smelt by her seconds before her abduction.

‘Before I do this, I have been asked to do some reconnaissance with you and simply ask why…’

‘Why what?’ she replied…

‘Why you left…?’

She sat silently and looked away…

‘You had everything you wanted, money, power, fame, influence, Love, anonymity, immortality, the world was yours to save and crush at your own leisure, why?

She remained distance, causing the figure to lunge at her and shake her voilently.

‘Why…tell me….TELL ME!!!’

She looked to the figure and smirked, and stood upright infront of them, eye to eye.

”The answer is simple. There was only one thing I ever truly wanted….’, She phrased as the words permeated into the captor’s soul and resonated within as if being heard for the very first time.

‘I never…kn’

‘Let’s get on  with this. Do what you must but know this. I have loved, lost and lived inbetween, and because of that, I am blessed. There’s nothing you can do to change that’

The rifle was taken and held in the firing position, a single bullet is placed into the magazine clip and cocked into the firing cylinder. The weapon was taken off its safety and placed into the ajar mouth of the women. She bit the tip of the throated nozzle with her teeth and appeared in the dim light to smile. She closed her eyes and then begun, out of nowhere to hum the tune to Nina Simone’s classic, ‘Hear comes the sun’. Her shooter finally donned a ski mask to protect their eyes from the inevitable splatter of her execution

Before she made it through to the final line of the the chorus a gun shot is fired, splattering blood all across the room and the swinging body crashed to the ground. A dilapidated body shrugged to the floor as the carcass begun to twitch as random nerve ran chaos across a body which no longer received higher order instructions. Blood dribbled out from the bullet’s exit wound and formed puddles leading to the far right corner of the room, as it appears building appeared to be on uneven ground.  The blood trickles run cold…lost…silent and eventually still.

A figure shruged at the wasted potential of a life infront of them and truly wondered about the motivations which would lead them to this final act. They stepped over the body and casually left the room. They walked up some steps and open a door which showed they are in a secluded woodland area, in the middle of nowhere, on the cusp of dawn. They begin to walk home silently.

‘It’s alright, badadada dadada dadada dadada dum, it’s alright…’ they are heard muttering to themselves…