The Afrobet

Strange lil cute one,

I assume most people recite the alphabet either monotonically or with the typical alphabet song.

Well I recite mine like this lil video below.

It’s one of the cutuest things I remember from sesame street as a child. I think it’s the fact they didn’t have black coloured puppets playing the african vocalists in it.

Just the setting and the surrealism of the whole thing makes me go sigh.

And it’s all so relaxed and chilled, I  wish they play this at my funeral.

As a lyricist and a lover of words, I believe that letters are ultimately my only viable weapon against all the evils in the world. That and of course logic (but no one listens to logic, it has to be spelt out to them most of the time).  So the funeral comment is kinda valid. Plus it might freak people out to hear the alphabet being sung, well at least it’s a song everyone would know the words to (i say hopefully but i know some dumb people).