Superhero Rant

Blind Solitude

Comics over time have been ignored as an art form. And there are two aspects to it.

One it the way the media presents itself, as if the combination of pictures and words is simpler than noises and motion pictures (aka the telly), which require far less interaction and involvement with the audience form.

The second is the aparent genre to which it is held. The market that is young kinds who are into superheroes. or adolescent men who have yet to dabble in the art of coital pleasure and still live with their parents in their 30s.

Regardless of the artform, the whole industry is driven by MONEY.  At the end of it all, the senior executives at these institutions want us to ultimately buy these products so that their advertisers who pick slots in them are satisfied with their circulation numbers and get a good return on their investment. However, when you get a writer that has been brought up on such stories (or rarer still)  and sees the opportunity to  tell their own story, you get this beautiful ability to directly tap into a young demographic and display a fundamental tale which  can broaden the mind of the young. That is a beautiful thing.

Woven into history

The comic is a modern day mythology, telling fundamental tales of right or wrong with the right blend of fantasy and wonder to encapsulate the most speculative youth.  The notion itself is nothing new.

The Greeks have done it,

 THe romans did it,

 THe norse did it,

THe Chinese

The  japanese did it

The Arabs did it,

The Aboriginees did it

Birds to it

Bees do it

Even elephants in sleeves do it

Let’s do it

Lets fall in love.

oh crap my mind wandered. Where was i?

Oh yeas THe africans did it,

 Disney do it and now is the Turn of America to add something to the shit pop.

The square root of the story

Let me demonstrate some of the reoccuring moral spinelines of some of these stories to those of you whom believe there isn’t anymore to them than meets the eye (when in case

Spiderman’s route is dealing with the guilt of having a hand in his uncle and first girlfriend’s death

X-men deal with social hatred and what it means to be feared and different when normality or peace is all you seek.

The hulk deals with serious paternal issues as well as self resentment.

Batman is a crazy tale of an unending quest to avenge death and ultimately accept and agrieve loss.

Superman is a story of understanding your role in this universe, of purpose, fulfilling desting and living up to your potential.

The transformers are all about castaways finding a new home.

The fantastic four is about family values and them coming together in times of need.

Black Panther is about a west african cultures thrive to become a dominant force in today’s society without any outside influence.

Iron man is about taking corporate responsibility for your decisions and the duality between one’s work and professional life.

Aquaman looks at our negligence over maintaining our natural world.

The teen titans represent us leaving or continually allowing the youth of tomorrow to take over the roles of today.

The Inhumans deal with castaways in mordern society.

Captain America is example of what humans can push themselves to and facing adversaries far greater than your own.It may be a tale of internal drive to overcome great odds.

Silver surfer is the story of voluntary slavery and the sacrifice of one for many.

Victor Von Doom’s tale is one of extreme jealousy and arrogance.

Magneto’s story is the story of forceful change for the good with a sense of superiorism or  history repeating itself, or even the ultimate tale of stockholm syndrom.

V is the story of turning a totalitarian system into a democracy.

Powerman is the story of turning a democracy into a totalitarian system.

Watchmen isy a story of how being good is and saving the world is a matter of scale, time and perspective.

Thor is about humility and the aristocratic learning life lessons.

The Justice league and the Avengers is about no man being an Island and the fundamentals of team work to overthrow a common goal.

Tales of the black freighter is how in good intentions, you can lose of your own humanity in order to do what you believe needs to be done.

Wonder Woman is about the various roles of feminism that fits into today’s society, as well as highlighting some of the fortuntes and limitations of today’s modern woman.

Seiving through the faff

So while the bulk of all comics as the bulk of anything is complete jargan, if you filter through, you’ll find some truly inspiration stories that are told through an imaginary medium to allow them to be fully fleshed out in your mind, in a manner which wouldn’t be as beneficial under other circumstances.

Hero’s tribute

I won’t salute the medium, but I will salute the pioneers who over the decades have shown taught a new generation of people stories on morality in a world which I fear has none, anymore.

 Maybe through their creations, they and maybe you will aspire man to fly one day, For Gods to walk among us, For individuals to surpass the limitations of their genetic makeup and for a group of individuals to band together for the greater good. Heck, if you even manage to get a sorry dad to think ‘with great power comes great responsibility’ and buck up his idea and play with his kids for an extra hour, then you’ve won.

Better yet, hopefully your work will lead to a time where heroes aren’t necessary and your tales may be viewed as a historic emblem of what was required by the savages as a silent cry for help, in a world which had drowned in its own gluttony while displacing its moral centre for integral greed.