Songs I really shouldn’t like…

So you’ve been hit by these hot pics of me and dazzled by this profile and you’re probably thinking, ‘man this dude is one hot piece of ass, can he do no wrong?’ Then BAM, you realise that there are some odd pieces of things I happen to listen to. Here is a list of songs i’m ashamed to say i’d have on a desert island with me to annoy people with. Feel free to youtube them at your own leisure. Most of them belong in a Pride parade, maybe God’s trying to tell me something (has anyone noticed how hot he can look when he’s beeing all righteous and shit).

Dancing DJs vs Roxxett – Fading like a flower

Ultra Beat – Pretty Green eyes, Feeling Fine

Special D – Come with me

2unlimted- There’s no limit (really, there isn’t any limit, any whatsoever)

Vengaboys – Up and down

Westlife – Seasons in the sun 😦

Alice Deejay’s – Will I ever, better off alone

S club seven – Don’t stop (oooh that hurt)

Stonebridge – Take me away

janet jackson – I get lonely (when i had a heart)

Britney’s spear’s- born to make you happy

Danni Minogue’s – you wont forget about me

madonna’s -heard it all before, isla bonita, take a bow, one more chance (slow dance at end)

kci and jojo -all my life (WOW, this takes me back, i was such a softy back then)

hot scent 22 -up and down (ONLY the Hot 22 vocal mix will do)

brandy -almost doesn’t count

ricky martin – private emotion….don’t give me that look….

A*Teens – Upside down

az yet – hard to say i’m sorry

micheal gray -borderline, sometimes the weekend too

spice girls- Holla

b*witched -jesse hold on

belinda carlisel -live your life be free

east 17 -stay

enya- anywhere is

No mercy- Where do you go (my lovely)…, i’m soooo gay….

emma bunton – crickets sing for anamaria

Savage Garden – Affirmation

Madison Avenue- Don’t call me baby

Yohanna – is it true (iceland’s eurovision song constest entry 2009, it’s so cute)

Big Bass vs. Michelle Narine – What you Do (The mom in this modern remix vi is the hottest dancer i’ve ever seen)

Westlife – When you’re looking like that

De souza – Guilty (mostly for video)

more to follow…