Who am I?

Here is a Riddle for you…




Who am I?

I am a singer with the world’s greatest voice.

Its magic has the capability to change lives, inspire and bring people together.

Its essence has the ability to heal wounds and end conflict.

Its words hold the meaning to our very existence.

But alas, I have no voice


I am an artist with the world’s greatest imagination.

My paintings have the ability to stop time and inspire thought.

They has the ability to alter perception and bring about a new enlightened understanding of the world around us.

They have the power to view life, as if our eyes have been open for the very first time.

But alas, I have no paint.


I am a Phoenix, the world’s greatest bird, if not Mythical creature.

Tales of my existence have inspired cult followings and religions scriptures

I have supreme command over the Land, seas and skies

I have no fear of death and this opens up life to me in ways you cannot begin to fathom

But alas, I have no Fire


I am a Soldier with the world biggest heart.,

I have commanded my troops and country to many a heroic victories over tyrannous perils

I have dedicated my life to keeping yours safe and secure

I have kept upright the moral fibre and beliefs of freedom and justice, along with the ways of democracy and liberty

But alas, I have no war


I am a lover with the world softest touch.

My smile has the ability to warm the coldest hearts.

My body has habours the purest fundamental emotions of caring, giving and love.

My embrace alone is tight enough to douse you in a brewery of seratonious bliss.

But alas, I have no one to love


I am a leader with the world’s greatest determination.

My people skills and speeches can inspire thoughts throughout all walks of life to work together.

My policies are seen as simultaneously beneficial to even the furthest corners of the globe.

My Referendums hold no hidden agendas and can bring forth a millenia worth of accomplishments in only a short few years.

Even my opposing party members renounce their bitter squabling for the persuit of this truth

But alas, I have no one to lead.


Who am I?

(For the Answer, scroll over last bit of this entry)

I am you


edit: The original answer to this was batman but I thought I’d give it a twist ending