The Weekend From Hell…

Now most of you will know that most weekends, i stay in on my arse doing fuck all, but this time i decided that i would be adventurous and meet one of you looney bins

never fucking again

i tell you what, this was probably the worst idea i have ever had. Talk about dodgy pics misleading people. This ‘beast’ was clearly one rifle shot away from being turned into ivory.

man o man.

Not only that, but she gave me some l’oreal speech about being ‘worth it’, and she was no david ginola, i tell you sonny jim.

The only consolation is that i somehow managed to get vip access to london zoo’s next staring attraction FOR FREE. Even though it wasn’t worth the ticket price.

meh, last time i do that, i’m staying in wanking from now on, good day to you all…

ps, don’t worry about this lil extract offending the (as yet) unclassified beast, the stupid bint can’t read, haha

ps only joking, i stayed in wanking honest…i have the tissues and computer viruses to prove it