The Inescapable Moral Conundrum that is Internet Dating (Dum Dum DUUUM!!!)

There are rare moments in my lifetime when I’ve been presented with something that is so undeniably true that It makes one’s head explode at the mere thought of challenging it.

An example of this is the Beautiful Ending of Barry Sonnenfeld’s Men in Black, where his final pan out show how utterly insignificant we all our in the grand scheme of things. To think anything else is just human’s inherent nature to overemphasise its own importance.

Since most people on here use this place as a dating social networking extention, I would like to highlight another moral conundrum at hand I have realised while being on POF.

In a relationship there is a basic fundamental element.

At any given point, One person likes their partner more than their partner likes them.

I will appoint these role as the LIKER and the LIKED. These roles have been known to change during a relationship and especially during a break up but there is never any equality.

The LIKER is fortunate to have met someone that inspires them, they find sexy & all that bollocks, they have believed to have punched above their weight & as such are more suceptible to taking shit from the LIKED. They pinch themselves everyday to be so lucky and carry pics of the LIKED on their mobile phones as screensavers to show their friends. Now the LIKED has found some traits in the LIKER & has ultimately settled, believing that they have made a reasonable catch. They are safe & provide that 65/35 balance of their overall needs.

However, BOTH LIKER & LIKED qualities are inherent in all human beings. If you start involving outside parties & panning out ‘Men in Black’ style, you notice some fascinating things.

So the Original LIKED may be the LIKER of someone outside that party & secretly lust after them but don’t persue (based on moral integrity). Also, the Original LIKER may have their own Personal LIKER who has appoitted them as a LIKED. In this new role, the original LIKER ignores the persuits of his new LIKER as they believe they have already got a catch and doesn’t want to trade down. So the new LIKER is either completely dismissed or kept around as a PET to help deal with the sometimes physical/emotional neglect obtained from the original LIKED.

So this is just exaggerated by a trillion & clearly highlighted in the dating scene. You chase after people while people chase after you, who are chased by others. This goes on infinitely with multiple people at each stage, in all directions & dimensions.  We are nothing but self absorbed links in a WORLD LONG desire chain.

& there’s no bloody end to it. With ‘Plenty of Fish’ only having an estimated 20,000 daily new members (or chain links), there is a clear notion that even when you think you’ve pushed the boat out with your search commitment & obtained a great LIKED who tolerates you, another better one may join tomorrow. So even TIME becomes a factor.

The Original LIKED you chase may even turn into a LIKER once you both realise there’s an even better LIKED out there just waiting for you to EVENTUALLY get in contact with them or find you (whichever happens first).

Ergo, the whole business point of internet dating isn’t to find you a soulmate but to continually have you searching for one. They are out to destory your sanity & keep you forever as the LIKER and LIKED SIMULTANEOUSLY, unable to escape the process, then charge you for the inconvinience!!!

Good day to all you headless corpses.