De la Dean is De la DEAD!!!!

For the last ten years, I always struggled with describing my perfect person looks wise to people. Then carley stenson came into my life and made it all easier.

She played stephanie de la dean in hollyoaks, a querky annoying, arrogant overconfident sweetheart, who had gone through many trials and tribulations but was always confident and smiley.


She also came with these great big gorgeous blue eyes and a nice naturally light complexion with this roman nose and soft lips.

When she smiled, so did I and she had these querky lil hands that would do weird shaped thingies whenever she spoke.

It was also nice to know she was in a relationship with rickie whittle which meant she was open minded to dating other races and perhaps liked interesting personalities. I even dated someone because they looked like her.

So because of this, I watched hollyoaks for like ten matter how shit and crazy that show got, or how long they dragged otu story lines for, I stood by it.

Then I go to america and budapest and come back and the bitch is dead!!! I thought she had cancer and was going to die on xmas day and they took her away from me.

so hollyoaks, you can go **** yourself now, you bastards!!!
and the worst part is no one told me.

I feel so sad and lonely…


I need a cuddle