Spritual Landscape Gardening

A friend of mine is the cause of this latest entry.

Upon going through some financial difficulties, he decided it would be best to rent out his flat and move back home to save money. To his dismay on arrival, he was greeted by a lynch mob & his parents that basically told him to fuck off. As much as I would normally laugh at his misery, this point kinda startled me. He is of Asian-ish descent and they are notorious for having a very strong sense of family and what not, with many family members still occupying the family home with no pressure to leave from their elders.Had he had no previous background in the lettings agency, he’d currently be homeless.

Many people associate their family homes as their last line of defence against a harsh world. Knowing that their parents or family will always look after them in their times of need. your home is where you leave and collect and put the things you acquire during yoru life.

I don’t see my home as this. As a back straddler of two civilizations and cultures, I’ve never managed to find solace in any location, country, region or home. As an independant person, I have removed attachment from the ideals of location, or objects carrying values. I was once asked the question what i would take with me if my house burned down, and my answer was nothing. As much as I’d love to believe that, it’s not the case, I would definitely run in for my porn collection.

However, in today’s world, I think i’m better acting as a socially free and relocatable electron rather than being bound to the limitations of being a big ol atom nucleus, forced to remain king of an isolated unique baron domain. I am the driving force of electricity, and the soul desire of think thanks hidden under bunkers that formulated this globalised smaller world many moons ago.

We live in a free capitalist market where we as individuals are as much commodities as the things we end up purhasings. like antibodies with a bloodstream, we should not have ties to certain locations and should be free to move and go to where is needed in order to make sure the host entitiy remains healthy. The notion that people are too engrossed in the material welfare in something such as a  home and possessions goes completely above my head. Surely a home in one area is just as good as in another as long as it is capable of providing the same base requirements. Warmth, sanity and shelter.

We put too much stock in finding external means of providing melancholy and peace of mind rather than searching for it from it within. Surely that’s why you’ll find the poorest of people who have nothing are capable fo smiling and being happier than the man who has everything and is still feeling sad. Janet Jackson once said

‘There is nothing more depressing than having everything..and still feeling sad. we Must learn to water your spirtitual garden’

so here’s the question, one is unemployed and is searching for a job, and there is plenty of jobs available on the net.

DOes he ignore the jobs on the page and simply wait for one matching his skill sets, criteria and needs/wants to come up or does he change/update is skill set criteria and need/wants to match the jobs available.

I remember this great quote from somewhere,

You can’t cure ugly.

I don’t think you can cure home either. As strong as we all think we are, we are all just the sum of our parts, past and memories. Nothing personifies this more than four mouldy walls and a leaky roof. To free ourselves from these constraints completely is to be more than human, it’s to be godlike, and are we ready to that that next evolutionary step in mankind just yet?

I’m not so sure…but maybe one day…