The Question-Short story…

“Now that’s a good question”. She answers…

” To answer this properly. Let me quickly tell you a story.”

” A long time ago I met someone who I didn’t think existed at the time. It was myself. Her name was Cry.”

“But I was far from Cry’s equal at this point. she had been me, long before I had realised who I was. Her calm and strong presence contrasted against my then naiive, angry and confused stance. Cry had purpose where I did not. It was like interacting with a future version of myself who was fully aware of a life changing predicament and unwilling to pass on any shed of information about the future, for our own safety. It was a bizzare experience.”

“She gently released me into the world with the notion of being prepared for the incoming but I was like a deer in headlights and couldn’t spot it.”

“And then she was gone”

“Later on, Lo and behold I met myself again.”

“But a different version than to before.”

“Her name was Laugh.”

“Well I didn’t actually believe it was myself when I met her. Infact the strictest description of it must be that I am actually a version of Laugh since she was older. But it was different from when I met Cry. “

“Laugh was Freeeeeee.”

 “Her skin, hair colour and voice had been disguised to conceal her identity but there were basic fundamental similarities between us that were mesmerising. But the differences were even more uncanny. Worst of all, she was completely oblivious to the situation. Laugh did not seem to recognise me at all.”

“Her hands, were the same shape as mine yet less dry and hard. They were soft and well taken care of. Her hair was less coarse and dreaded, it  was shiny soft, strong and controllable. Her eyes, while deep, had not lost their light and still shun brightly. Her voice was of an ageless soul, whom had lived but who’s spirit has yet to be claimed by life, let alone by our respective youths. Her heart beat at the same rate as mine, yet the rhythmic percussion was of hope, love and understanding. “

“She was Life incarnate.”

“This creature wore my essence, yet paraded around infront of me. She had lived the life I had dreamed for and I became addicted to her ways. Laugh had began to heal me but unbeknown to me, I had started to taint her. It was at this moment what I realised my future self, Cry had done and why she was the way she was.  And what she had tried to warn me from. From destroying Laugh’s essence.”

“So with all the love and all the pain in my heart and against everything natural, I set Laugh, my immortal, free. I left her alone in the wake of my darkness, knowing she would reignite and fill the world with light once more. It was then for the first time I changed, I Cry’d”

“I knew Laugh be ok and every once in a while I’d check to read about the lives she touched (as I’m sure she did about mine). But I knew we could never cross paths again, I think we both knew. Perhaps because separation from one another clearly wouldn’t be an option, and we’d consume each other at the consequence of everything else.”

“I then awaited time’s circumventing loopy chain  of destiny to allow me to go back to meet an adolescent version of myself, Young, you’d recognise her as the me at the beginning of this tale. This was to pass on the same lesson which I received at the very start. I know I can’t change the way time dictates the event, but  I hope Young eventually knows that she will become a mother and become happy. All because of Laugh.”

“I also hoped that Young knew one day she’ll dedicate her life dying for Laugh, so Laugh could live for her. I’d always thought at one point in my life, I would eventually turn into Laugh, but life has its funny way of not making sense. Maybe she wasn’t me after all, Maybe I got it wrong.”

“Still though,  it makes me smile as I wait here for my heart to stop beating, knowing my organs are not going to waste. “

“So to answer you’re question son, ‘no, mommy has no regrets’..”

“N’oubliez pas mes efants, N’oubliez pas….’

A lady walks through adn open the door and smiles from the back, Cry’s eyes meet hers and a fire is returned briefly to Cry’s face before parting from this earth completely.

 For a moment there is only silence,

then tears,


a collective exodus or family and friends from the room

 and then eventually silence once more.

The lady then wades into the deserted room alone, all by her self and knees by the bed, holding Cry’s cold head.

“I want you to know this,” she starts whispering into her ear,

“I am Laugh, A you, you will eventually become in another time, in another place and in another life. Rest easy in this life, your rewards are yet to come, you beautiful thing.”

“I could sense your struggles in my past as Young and Cry and time brought me back to show you the way, to show Young the way. Now I know you’ve both found it, you can sleep easy…knowing you’ve showed me the way too.”

“Thank you for this special gift you have left me and Thank you for everything you will become'”

Laugh wipes away a tearful smile. She lays a kiss on the Cry’s forehead and then leaves with no regrets…