Reiventing the Wheel…

Our innovative cousins across the pond have done it again

The boffins in the exercise industry have invented a brand new piece of exercising equipment that will revolutionise the way we tone and shape our arms forever

It’s called the shake weight


the premise is it’s a dumbbell with a patented gyro weight distributor in it that means when you shake it and work out, you work additional muscles in your arms to tone and shape forty times faster than a regular workout.

However, if you pay close attention, this type of exercise and exercise equipment is already out there on the market

It’s called a PENIS and a fooking…OILY PALM SANDWICH

Worst of all you have to pay forty quid for the shake weight and it won’t buy you dinner, and make crappy love to you, prematurely ejaculate while calling you its exes’ name?

I mean look at the video, how many marketing executives and industry know it alls let this one off the shopping room floor and into people’s lives???

This is another sure sign that lesbians are taking over the asylum and my days as a man are short lived. We are being run to extinction here peeps.

Wait till next year’s new installment with a mouth piece to help with your cardiovascular breathing, and a ‘protein shake’ mix  to intensify your workout and muscle building.

Then it’ll be a sure sign of the forthcoming apocalypse.

edit: From here on in, i’m renaming my nickname to my penis as the shake weight. Obama is dead, long live shake weight…