Ross Jeffries & THE F***ing F***ing Formula

Ross Jeffries is a man who doesn’t necessarily come across as much. Nothing special to look at and could quite easily be categorised as average or below average in alot of attributes considered in a viable partner. But that’s where you’re right and wrong at the same time…

Ross Jeffries is actually a male pseudonym for the Greek God, Eros (The god of sexual attraction). He’s this nerdy dude who has developed a definitive means of attracting ANY woman (yes, even YOU bitch).


You see ultimately, we are all very susceptible beings, to a wide variety of different things. We all try and pretend that we are complex intense beings who are hard to figure out. We also believe this notion that we are all unique and independent and free.

BUT the real unnerving truth is that we are pretty much all the same. Worst than that, we are incredibly simple to manipulate.

I mean you only look at the various forms of crass and not so crass advertising campaigns.These get spilled onto us on a daily basis and even the most rubbish ones manage to bombard themselves into our psyche,  making us continually by branded goods to fulfill roles in life which we never even knew needed filling in the first place!!!

So if it can happen with buying Fairy Liquid, why not with romance?

A while ago Louis Theroux visited Ross Jeffries in the US to see if he could get some tips on dating. Ross showed Louis Theroux the FORMULA for getting chicks.

It’s based on something called Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP for us nerdy folks. It uses techniques such as utilising various speech patterns , language tones, syncratic ambiguity (with the use of homophones, homographs and homonyms (words that share spellings/sounds but have different meanings)) and important sentence structures. This basically helps to slip you into a very mild hypnoptic trance , to which someone can thus further manipulate you by making you think they’ve poured about 40 gallons of happy juice all over you just by being near you or gently touching you.

As with anything, the body and mind become addicted to the rush of soaring seratonin levels and also the excited oxtocin glands which are sploshing all over your brain when this guy is near by. You see most raw attraction has very little to do with looks as such, more body language and aura. Ross understands how to manipulate yours and his into seeming far more glamourous than it actually is.

So with this, people feel the urge to top up on this happy juice and you become highly irresistible towards them, they become junkies and you are their dealer, who gives them their first hit for free and then wants a lil sumpf sumpf for the next few batches.

It was and can be incredibly simple and the success rates are out of this world but here is the problem with it?

You now have ultimately what you have wanted. You have been devoid of the power to attract  that girl  in your office who you’ve liked for a billion years and now you’ve been given a chance to use the holy grail of techniques to cluster fuck her and every other mildly attractive lady in a 3 mile radius. But that inevitably leaves you empty as you realise that it’s all been a lie no matter how hard you try and justify it.

But then isn’t everyone who goes out to purposely meet someone ultimately living a lie, we dress up and put our best foots forwards in order to attract the best candidates anyway right? Surely that should also be seen as a form of manipulation and just because everyone else does it doesn’t make it any less justified does it?

Why are we all afraid of simply being ourselves?