We are rarely faced with something that is perfect, especially in the arts and entertainment role. Or a story that completely captures and postulates exactly what the author or creator intended it to. Too often the message is diluted by sponsors, production schedules, budget, time and censors.

But a few years ago, I stumbled upon perfection, gazed into its eyes and it gazed back at my adversely ordinary self. I had no choice but to be completely humbled and taken aback by it.

Perfection in this case was personified by a short story created by Dony Permedi as part of a College assignment. However, his work far exceeded the goals of his project, if not has the potential to shroud any of his proceeding creations for the rest of his days.

This work is called Kiwi and is provided in the link. If you have not watched it, I thoroughly recommend that you watch it now. It perfectly speaks for itself.

The story embarks on a young Kiwi as he has cut down a tree and carefully lowered it onto the side of a cliff face. We are unaware of his motives in doing this but upon finishing nailing the tree into place, with no arms to help, he seems elated.  He climbs back up and looks over the edge, which is where we get a glimps of his perspective and notice there are countless trees nailed to the side. he then goes off screen, collects a leather flying cap and goggles, and calmy jumps off the edge.

The perspective starts off as normal and we see the kiwi falling through the tree, it is not until the camera pans around and we see the it through his eyes and the whole movie makes sense.

The flightless bird was experiencing the one thing he could not do. He was ‘flying’ it was at this point that we see his tiny wings pop out and start flapping as he simulates flying through a forest scenery. The Kiwi overwhelmed by his serious hard work paying off, finally closes his eyes and cries.

This is the genius part, the tears run across his face rather than down them, forcing us to realise that he is indeed falling AND actually incapable of flying. The camera realigns itself to stop and see him falling through a cloud and disappearing til we wait painstakingly to discover the inevitable, that he’s fallen to his death.

This is a perfect story of someone who will  overcome obstacles galore, their very nature and even their lives, to obtain one moment of happiness.

Let’s all take a Leaf out of this masterpiece and let it inspire us to push into unknown realms searching for those true moments of bliss.