My name is Aunt Sarah

It’s very rare for me to completely fall hook line and sinker for a song, but today i have managed that feat

Four women by nina simone, tells the tale of four stereotypical black women, i presume they have grown up in the United States so technically, they should be four african american ladies.

in it she tells the story of Aunt Sarah, A lady who manages to take upon her the complete burden of others and mediates it so that she (and supposedly) her surrounding network can prosper

This lady is known as Aunt sarah

"Aunt Sarah" (From the Corapeake Project) © Kendall Messick

I’ve realised that I am indeed Aunt Sarah and It’s quite comforting to take solace in this notion, developed by nina simone nearly 50 years ago.

I hope to live up to that name and not fall into the other stereotypes listed in the lyrics, as an resultant of persuiing my life needs.

I realise it’s the Aunt Sarah’s that have the biggest impact on making change and I wish to elevate myself to that status.

I just hope my efforts are not either finite or taken in vain. But if they are, it is my job as Aunt sarah to cushion this blow until my other sisters/brothers are ready to step in and make positive change.

Here’s wishing that the initial impetus towards communal growth can offset the need for inidiviauls to belive they have prospered their fellow man, rather than condembed them to a life of apparent meaningless.

so with that

My name is Aunt Sarah.