March 15

New Year’s Resolution 2011

Right, let’s see

1. Do some work at work and dont get fired..until right near the end

2. Finish PhD

3. Start Masters

4. Raise sufficient funds to start masters

5. crack on with saving the world and collecting data

6. get myself a job sorted for after my masters

7. Learn not to stop missing trains

8. Learn to stop speaking in riddles and be simply clear.

9. Win my trip to thailand

10. get back a large chunk of the money people owe me.

11. Spend less time flirting and become better at it

12. Buy some less trampy clothes

13. make semi old clothes more trampy

14. Do some volunteering

15. Get back into a reasonable shape

16. Go on more random adventures

17. Write more but become more concise

18. enjoy life but not too much

19. enhance music collection

20.  Make it through ghost without crying

21. start goal tobecome a badass kitesurfer and mix ith with snowboarding to make the greatest extreme sport ever.

22. To start thinking of ridding myself of this treacherous account and all you lot, ha ha

23. To inspire people to want to be more than they are at the moment

24. to start waking up well before 9am and getting to bed at a reasonable time *yawn*

25. to finish another classic old school console game i never did when i was you and thick.

26. To look back aat this list and laugh at how ambitious it was

27. Shave more so i can grow a proper old man beard, instead of this mess i have now wooo

28. inspire people to want to help others by paying good deeds forwardthat’s enough for now, sleepy time…