My social Buttefly

I suppose it’s always important to leave an impressionon on someone.

Then again, I always believed that what image you cast is ultimately up to those who perceive you. All you can do is help steer them to the desired outcome by releasing a version of yourself out from a coccoon and hoping that with their perception nets, they are able to catch that butterfly.

So what do I hope to project personally from this gentically modified insect?

First and foremost, it should have a sturdy adomen core,  with a strong undercurrent of politeness and old fashioned values.

It should have large anttena which are able to guide it and others towards a helpful path, and a meaninful (if not a short) life in the grand scheme of things.

Its compound eyes should be big and wide, capable of grasping and seeing all things before ultimately making an informed decision of its destination and fulfilling its destiny.

Its delicate wings should be large and vast, carrying an intricate design, which highlights its inate culture and it’s affinity to the arts. Its ornithopter (flapping wing) flight sequence should show grace amongst performing one of nature’s greatest tasks, forever making the difficult look elegant, if not even majestic.

I wish to highlight how its very small wing flutters should be strong enough to cause hurricanes of changes in the far corners of the world. To evoke global change far beyond that one would hypothesise, or think possible.

As much as I try to give it a fold away penis that’s twice its body length, science hasn’t yet caught up with my requirements and I end up with a lil stump, one day though I’ll fix this, one day…

Most of all, it should inhabit the traits of its greatest enemy, the flame, capable of drawing other butterflies, be it vibrant or timid, to itself and give them a sense of prickly heat and most importantly warmth.

So when you fellow butterfly collectors come knocking one day, I hope you document me as a rare and beautiful Genome, worthy of extensive further study. And that you don’t leave me with children who will squish me into the wall. Bloody Kids…