MidKnight Mass…

You came once and I refused,

You made me pay.

You came twice and I refused,

You made them pay.

Now you come for a third time,

And promise to make my sucessors pay….

I have no choice but to accept and offer my tithe.

Now my arms are heavy and my grip on reality is slipping

The road is long and thick,

The rain berrates my armour and corrodes my soul

The price placed on my  head is high

I’m blinded by the smell of death.

Numb to the screeching taste of victory.

Your task bestowed, an impossibility.

I am so, so tired.

My weapon is guilt.

My targets are abstract.

My victims are countless.

And share the same faces as those I’ve relunctancly sworn to protect.

Who do I slay, who do I save?

Please Take me Yahweh,

Before I ask the Devil to ride his wings.

You have every right to refuse me.

You entrapped  me to your debt.

But know this,

You are also in mine.

I reiterated when we first made this wager,

To my right would be honour and glory

To my left would be vengeance and destruction

You walked freely through my middle and chose to straddle both destinies

With your ever bittersweet appetite

But know this,

Answer me not,

And glorify yourself with a nemesis

For when I am free of you

I will kill you

Not in mind, body or soul

But in the heart of all men

This I solemnly promsie.

Not in your name,

But in mine.