There is no Spoon

I was watching the original matrix the other day and I remember that lil buddhist kid talking about bending that annoying spoon. Now as  a metallurgist, now i know that metal in teh spoon is just a special kind which fractures are relatively low temperatures but still, it got me thinking…

many people have tried to change the world, change other people and what not, just like Neo trying to bend the spoon. Of course, that is impossible.

In the film the kid suggests the spoon remains (or even doesn’t exist) and it is neo that bends instead.

so from that (obviously) take it that the only way to truly get people to change is not to try and change them or the world but to change yourself and the way they react to you will force change from them. If enough people are proactive about this and seem to be moving towards a common goal, then perhaps there is hope for us all afterall…

ps, trinity is kinda hot, love them moody girls.