Ejo, Parlez vous…Gibberish..Mien Taicho por favor???

And the Lord said, Behold, the people is one,

and they have all one language; 

and now nothing will be restrained from them,

which they have imagined to do.

 Go to, let us go down,and there confound their language,

that they may not understand one another’s speech.


This is an extract from the Tower of Babel, probably the most poignant biblical story there was.article-1126509-003E35FB00000258-467_468x370


God feared the power or man’s ability to root up and join one another, So he took their means to understand one another and their quest to self empowerment became shattered. Why? Simply because he was a scared sissy pants.

Moral of the story: Language is the greatest gift we give each other. The ability to communicate information from one party to the other is the greatest feat we have as a species. The problems however come when miscommunication starts shifting in. For example the word SET has the world’s most dictionary defintion at a staggering 464. Take into account a top estimate of 8,000 different languages and six billion interpretations and you have 22.3 TRILLION different understandings of a single word. MENTAL (that’s not even considering different understandings with different moods).

God’s dirtiest trick wasn’t forming different languages but forming different levels of understandings in each of us. He does this via  the varying use of implications, perceptions, misdirection and all sorts. So ultimately a defined language is no longer the barrier. We can both speak the same language and still have no clue what the other is saying.

Normally one will see the culprit of this to be the one providing the information. You are giving someone something with the intent of obtaining a greater additional wealth from you, whether in the form of monetary, physical or abstract needs. Place cowboy builders, politicians, charities, players and all sorts into this category.

THE WORST of the whole bunch are the people like you and I. The everyday people who based on past mistrust, decide to purposely NOT understand.

We’ve all heard the story of the girl who cried wolf and have been brainwashed to believe it was teh girl who was at fault, when it was the village. What
would you say to a fireman or ambulance who refused to come out because someone down the road hand pranked them earlier, you’d be disgusted. So why are we as
the public conditioned to not understand things as they are intended anymore?

There is a simple undeniable fact that actually people don’t want to understand you or the truth. They have spent too many years making up their own language
and perceptions of yours and shut themselves off from reality. There’s nothing you can do to change their minds.

Elvis is still alive. My beating husband still loves me, Obama is african
american, Africa is one big country full of starving people. Top Gun has gay
undertones, I don’t need help and I’m fine. Blame the economy on the evil
banks, The foreigners are coming to change your way of life, I’m unemployed
because they took their jobs, I’m happy with myself, I’m not fat…

You’re all lying to yourselves and have decided to start speaking and hearing your own version of english, in order to establish your own peace of mind. Please bring yourselves back into the fold of reality because the longer you are out, the more likely more crap is goign to go down in your absence.

We’re STILL too busy shouting trying to (and not to) understand each other to hear the frightening bellowing noise of teh big man upstairs laughing at us.

It’s so…so…I can’t think of a word to describe it….:S…SCREW YOU LORD!!!!