Quote of the Year 2010

Upon readily listening to music one day, I heard, No, (to hear would to be to misrepresent this emotion),  I was overriden with the compulsion to listen carefully to this extract. It took me by surprise right at the beginning of Jay Electronica’s Exhibit A (transformation), while it was bumbled out like an extract from a 1960’s documentary.

“And his own story was as curious as his narrative,

The tale of his life,

Is the tale of a writer of incredible ambition,

An astute analysis and pundit,

A lyricist compassionate and callous,

A wreckless hedonist,

And disaffected malcontent”

Very Soon after, my head exploded with a Kaleidescope of Creative Comprehension. Now as a reflex, as I assure you I had no concious influence on this, I was COMPELLED to know of this individual, who was clearly a guise for GOD.

Now the bittersweet aspect of this is that this person is indeed fictional, but man, Imagine the kinda inspiration you must have bestowed upon someone to have you described like that.

I’m gong to spend 2011 finding someone I can describe as in this manner.

Not only this but Jay Electronica then goes to completely destroy the misconception that the world we are in now is ‘fine’ and also the notion that true hip hop is dead. The real root of social bitterness that stirred hip hop up in the first place still exists. Not matter what Obama tells you…*points to new orleans still in ruins*

Even though modern day hiphop’s been drowned out by people describing how the system that enslaved its heritage has affluently provided for them, while their brothers and sisters lie broken and the system continually rob their foreign cousins, This song shows the social bitter ROOT still exists.

And as any good Botanists knows, as do you, where the Root and Spirits still survive, there is still hope.