It’s Lonely at the Top…

The Anime bleach has a group of Antagonists known as the Espada, which is Spanish I believe for Sword and its japanese equivalent is for Ten blades. Nine of them are shown on my page. They are the main enemies of ‘Death Gods’ or Soul reapers, who are there to pretty much be mystical ghostbusters and provide a sense of order in the afterlife.

The Espada are supposed to be the Bringers or death itself to the Reapers, which as a concept itself is quite miraculous to comprehend. So each one of these ‘ten blades’ is revealed to be a personification of what are the main causes for death are in this world. These are revealed in descending order as:

10. Rage

9. Greed


7 Intoxication

6. Destruction

5. Despair

4 Vanity

3. Sacrifice

2. Age

1. Solitude

Personally i’m surprised malaria and heart disease don’t make a guest appearance but I should move along.

The Espada Primevera (the baddest of them all) in the pic on my page is named Coyote Starrk. he is the stoic lazy character with the Numero Uno tattoo on th back his left wrist.


This character is depicted as what one would normally describe as a ‘Dragon’ style character if you’re well versed on Fictional Tropes, if not have a look at the site below, it’s a great dissection of all fiction types, it’s amazing how similar things are when they’ve been properly classified.

Now on with the main event.

Coyote’s goal was the become the most powerful and he did just that, unfortunately in his quest to become powerful, he first isolated everyone around him, then his very power started to consume them, like an augmented midas touch. He grew so alone and weary and began to envy the weak, as the weak found one another and bonded out of necessity. Soon he became so lonely his powers that he literally formed two versions of himself. They both hated silence and vowed to be together forever.

He makes this great quote during a battle

‘I envied the weak ones. The souls of everyone in our group of friends wasted away and disappeared just from being around us. From loneliness we divided our soul in two. We don’t know which was the original, or maybe it was neither of us. It’s just that there was no other way to escape from the loneliness. I envied the weak ones. If you’re weak, then you can gather in as large a group as you want. I want to become weak and if that’s not possible, then I at least want to make friends that are as strong as me.’

in the end he ends up battling someone who is stronger than himself (personally i’m dubious but that’s script writing) and ultimately falls, But he is happy that he is finally met by someone stronger and b),  his turmoil and lonely existence is over.

In a real short summary, most people dedicate their entire lives to a cause to which they don’t know the true consequences of gaining, to be the world’s greatest saviour, you may have to hold responsibility for beings its greatest villain, To become completely ruthless, you must become completely sympathetic towards your victims/ To become incredibly sociable, you must learn to survive without true friends.

As someone who craves solemness, it makes me wonder which curve ball fate will throw my way once I eventually obtain it. Perhaps that may be why i set myself impossible tasks to keep me from my prize, who knows. I however wish I don’t end up as starkk did, completely devoid of any satisfaction of victory, there’s nothing quite as depressing from teh lack of fulfilment of getting what you want.

*strokes beard and thinks*