Jay Oh Why?

I must admit, there are numerous activities in life that I kinda tolerate. I can say that I’m into and dabble in plenty of things. But when it comes to describing what gives me pure joy, then I’m usually at fault.

I could list a few things that are unique to myself and other people simply cannot fathom why I would be into them. It’s even quite a chore to try and describe the reasons why in a tangible manner to other people.

However, I do have one joy that I believe translates in a beautiful beautiful way.

On my previous life as a hardcore forum comic pundit, I developed a taste for internet comedy. Since it was a comic form that drew me into this world in the first place, then comic sketches were the best way of expressing the humorous side of this genre.

I had already expressed my joy of short films with my previous article on ‘Kiwi’, which has now I believe truly manifested itself in the love of short stories of any types. This highlights my love of adverts, advertising campaigns, the power of slogans and short visual, animation and movie pieces. Any artform that makes an impact over a short period fo time gets my attention

So let me describe you a piece of this puzzle that I believe is truly Joyful.

Allow me tp introduce to you a site I stumbled upon while bellowing like a spoilt child. It’s called the Perry bible fellowship. It’s run by a  dude called Nicholas Geruwitch. It started off as a strip in the Syracuse University paper, known as the Daily Orange back in 2001. Since then it has found its own life on its own internet site and has made its way to many internet forums as distractio- based entertainment for the work shy individuals among us.

The reason it is so funny is because it utilises this sensation known as the N400 deflection.

(Here comes the sciency bit)

N400 is a response of Electroencenphalography, which is the measurement of electrical activity by the neurons in our brain. It usually occurs at about 0.4 seconds after a stimulus and shows up as a negative sharp clear negative peak on a line curve. It appears to be set off via the production of unexepected stimuli to the brain once it has already formed an indication as to what is expected at the end of a sequence of events.

Take this sentence  below

‘12345, once i caught a fish alive, 678910, then it gave me syphillis’

Since you expect to hear ‘then i let it go again’ at the end, the term syphyllis  causes a negative deflection at approximately 0.4 seconds after reading it. This gives you that lil sensation of ‘having experience the unexpected’. This usually provides the reaction of confusion, shock, or even comedy. Very VERY strong comedic responses if used correctly.

(That was all very technical, longwinded bullshit  wasn’t it)

Accompanied with a a splash of Morbidness and Surrealism, The perry bible fellowship has in-effect derived its entire comical genre by continually causing my N400 peak deflection to dip at a very similar rate to my twisted humour,as they both nose dive in a continually, spiralling, descent of serendipitous blissful anarchy.

This causes me Joy.

I have a piece on the pitfalls of love permanently shown on my page on the right. I also have a few pieces that I will right full articles about in the future.

For now I will list examples of pieces I simply adore but I implore you to please check out the website on your own accord and relish in some of his genius pieces. They truly manage to make me laugh unlike any other thing else.