N’oubliez jamais pas votre formation (Never forget your training)

At some pinnacle point in your life, you kinda realised that you have been doing at least something in a pretty shitty manner. Of course most of this is relationship motivated but nevertheless someone perhaps makes you their bitch or slaps your ass in the friend zone.

so with this in mind, you go out in a Bruce Wayne type fashion on a pilgrimage to all the far corners of the world to learn how to ‘override’ your inner urges to be that person. And like being forged through fire, you walk out the other side perhaps a lil less naive about life, a lil colder but ultimately protected.

Most of the time we do this unconsciously and it should make us better people.

However there will come a type when you are faced with an unusual adversary that tips the rule book outta the window and your immediate reaction is to regress back to your post-enlightened state. It’s no surprise because their mojo is badass and you feel like your 8 year old on xmas day morning everytime you’re around them.

The important thing is that you should always always REMEMBER YOUR TRAINING. Even if it feels like you are going into auto pilot and you have to get Jack Bauer to inhabit your body for a short period, until you get your senses back, i don’t care.

Never go back and never compromise on your training, even in the face of Armageddon. Suit up and trench in and soon or later even the mightiest of hot trees will bend to the tsunami of a calm hand. Man up, put the phone down, stop checking your messages every twenty seconds and ride out the storm like a surfing one legged pony.

For this sacrifice, you will rewarded by your future self remembering your sacrifices and seeing you as a legend.

What greater honour is there than that eh?