Heads I win, Tails you lose…

Life sometimes tends to provide us with a choice. Good or Bad.

but here is the clincher

In life, there is no true right or wrong.

the only thing that exists are three things.

1. Actions

2. Consequences

3. Reactions

This actually obeys Newton’s III law of motion (there is no action without a reaction). Right and wrong are just society reaction to actions and the subsequent consequences. But these reactions are not set in stone.

While performing the same act, one man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist.

one lady’s passionate lover is another lady’s adultering husband, while being a third lady’s poor son and a final lady’s devoted father.

Right and wrong are the swayed perception of the majority. If one thing is done that is socially acceptable or revered, it’s normally seen as right. On the contrary a if the majoriy decides something’s consequence negatively affects society, it is deemed wrong.

Our socio-economic freedom is therefore defined as a requirement to fulfil what is socially acceptable as right (while not get caught doing ‘bad stuff’).

Now we may all thing we are free but we aren’t

True freedom is the ability to do something without a consequence. An action without a reaction. Whether its a physical, mental, social, financial, economical, astronomical occurence.

If we were purely to zoom in on the socio-economic aspects of this, then to be able to act without a reaction is actually to beocome a mindless animal without self awareness or awareness of others. So you could kill farm, rape, teach, eat, fuck, love, be beaten up, dedicate your lives to others, steal, cheat, volunteer, poison anyone else without any praise or damnation.

The choice to be right or wrong is now irrelevant as you are now absent from this judgement. You’re passed the rubicon of giving a fuck.

We were once like that, we were free animals. When did we decide to forsake it and pretend we live in a liberal society now? It is funny, you can convince a convict that’s been in captivity for their their lives that they are indeed free, once you attend to their basic needs. it’s not until someone more free comes along and points and laughts that distress occurs.

So which one of you nations is going to step up to western civilization and point to its tightly placed shackles and laugh at its holistic definitions of liberty?

c’mon Iran, i’m counting on you