Head or Gut??

When I was younger and I used to  be annoying, my second oldest brother used to quietly take me off  somewhere private and whisper this infamous phrase to me, ‘Head or Gut?‘ It wouldn’t be long after I had uttered my choice that he’d throttle me in said position.

I never quite knew exactly what I had done wrong initially and why he used this method but his calm demeanour in delivering it made quite the impact on me.  I rarely got it for the same reason twice.  He still uses to this day, although I’m now old enough now to make my retort ‘Go fuck yourself'( and he’s now old wise enough to throttle me everywhere with our eldest’ 9 iron).

I had always thought he had made it up, that is until I stumbled across Tony Scott’s 1991 epic film ‘The Last Boy Scout’/. I vaguley remembered it as a child but alas it was TWENTY YEARS AGO). It starred Bruce Willis, Damon Williams and a young Halle Berry.

Bruce plays a bummed out private dective (with tramp chic) named Joe Hallenback. On realising that his long term friend and partner has been royally screwing his wife, he takes him outside and deals with the situation in an adultly manner…‘Head or Gut?‘. He then royally floors his friend, before he pays the ultimate price by being blown up in a car, (See video attachment 6:10-10:39), which starts the whole wack. Feel free to watch, it’s a good film.

On growing up, and as my mind fractured to its various pieces, I would use this very phrase to help me make decions which I had reached moral conundrums with. Now on making any decision I either decide to go on my head or to go with my gut.

The forfeit for making the wrong decision is to be attacked  there by a willing participant.

Moral of this entire story. THE HEART NEVER PLAYS A PART IN ANYTHING. the reason I don’t think with the heart is because I can’t bear the pain of being wounded there when its wrong. Keep it safe, Keep it hidden, keep it locked. It can’t do the time, so don’t let it commit the crime.

Please learn this lesson sooner than i did, although it did give me killer abs mind…Surprised