March 15

Gained in Translation

We live in a time where unfortunately we  don’t  always have time to derive meaning from things ourselves.

Instead we look for other people to do things for us. We are also scared of deriving something incorrectly or ‘missing’ what was originally intended.

For the sake of not being wrong, we isolate ourselves from sounds and experiences, poems and works, paintings and motions. Worse than this, we allow other people to misrepresent things to us but because we’ve instilled them with a reference power, their word remains unquestioned.

So today, I would like to provide you with two different artforms in two different mediums. They are both foreign songs. One is sung in Latin and the Other is sung in Huasa, which is the language of a west african group of people who live in Nigeria. The latter is of great interest as it’s sung in an oriental fashion

I would like you to first listen to the songs and derive your own understanding of the foreign dialects. Then read their translations as poems and gain another understanding. Finally adopt an overall sense from each of them while keeping their unique musical and lyrical impacts on you separately.

Lyrics to the songs are provided in their respective host languages (for those of you who care to sing along).

let me know what you think of them and what they meant to you at all three stages (or simply sit back and enjoy them for what they are).

Cheers x

The Promised Land (composed by Nobuo Uematsu)

Cur in gremio haeremus?

Cur poenam cordi parvo damus?

Stella, nobis non concessit, non concessit

Stella, nobis non concessit, non concessit

Venarum pulsus in terram fluens

Parvus, parvus pulsus Cor mortem ducens

Vita mollis in stellam redeunt

Animam sacrifcare necesse est?

Cur in gremio, in gremio haeremus?

Cur veniam petimus

In terram fatali

(Why do we stay in the womb?)

(Why do we provide punishment to our weak hearts?)

(Our planet wouldn’t allow, wouldn’t allow)

(Our star wouldn’t allow, wouldn’t allow)

(The pulse of veins in the Earth flowing Faint,)

(faint pulse Of the heart leading to death)

(The weak life returns to the planet)

(Is it necessary to sacrifice the soul?)

(Why do we stay in the womb?)

(Why do we beg for forgiveness)

(In this fateful Earth?)

Abin Bara – The Target (Composed by Noriyuki Asakura)

ya alla, yaya haka?
yunwa ta dame mu
ya alla, za ka jin wannan zafi,alla eho
alla ya yi mana albaRtatai,ruwan sama
ba za mu gociya wannan mugunya ba
mun zama adalai ke nan haR abada,amin
amma,mu je ina fa?

rana ta nisa…
na bata hanya….
yaki ya koma wuya
ka yi mana agaji…
alla ya kaddaRa

(Why is it Lord?)

(People are begging for more)

(Oh Lord, you must understand this pain)

(This rain is like a blessing)

(We cannot avoid this evi)

(We are justice till death)

(But where are we to go?)

(The Sun is far away…)

(I am lost…)

(This battle is tough)

(Please save us…)

(At the Lord’s will)