March 15


Currently becoming one of my favourite words, this isn’t the misspelling of decide although the word decide becomes relevant later to this entry

Deicide is the concept used to derive the notion of Killing a God. Just as homocide refers to an individual and genocide to a large group of individuals, Deicide is the big fish disassimulation.

Now I use the term in this piece rather losely to refer to any type of order at any specific level so bare with me, I’m going somewhere with this.

Deicide is accomplished in three roots.

The first is simple to disprove such a notion of a deity by some logical explanation, just as how unicorns and dragons have been disproved.

The second is to simple ignore such deity until something one day, they no longer have their power of influence over you.

The third and what seems the most prominent form is to undermine the existence of such a deity but providing a bigger badder mofo as the person in charge. Individuals overthrown by older siblings, siblings by fathers, fathers by by police, police by laywes, lawyers by politicians, politicians by their prime minsters/presidents, these mofos by their kings, kings by religious leaders, religions leaders by a big big cheese.

That pretty much correlates with this quote I’ve recently managed to uncover for you

All living creatures place their faith in someone more powerful than them and they cannot survive unless they blindly follow that person. The recipient of that faith then seeks out someone in an even higher position in order to escape from the pressure. That person then seeks out someone even more powerful that he must put his faith in. In this way all kings are born and in this way all Gods are born”

now then

So now you know how to commit Deicide, The real key is to firstly uncover who really sits at the top of the pecking order, since the reality to me appears far less obvious than it would seem. Then before chaos insues, you must decide which new Deity should take its place, remember though that the devil you know may be better than the devil you don’t.

So for all my fellow potential world changers, tread carefully and ultimately know this.

No one stands on the top of the world. Not you, not me, not even gods. The unbearable vacancy of the throne in the only real truth we will never come to accept.

Also a small point on your ventures, it is not the Deity itself that will smith your efforts, rather their silent followers, keep your eyes peeled.