Change has come to Novembre…

One of the sole reasons why I joined this site was out of boredome nad my loathing of the weekends. I have spent the last ten years in sheffield, 4 of which were with a close set of university friends, 4 of which were with a girlfriend and 2 of those i’ve had my head in the sand trying to finish my phd.

It’s amazing once you are no longer have any commitments how much idle time you do have and unfortunately I didn’t have anyone to do it with since everyone was either away or out of the area.

So I thought I would start having random adventures and meet people from around the country and it was great. Never really a bad experience (except for the no-shows but thats life) and I learnt I could tolerate and interact with far more people than I originally hypothesised. Further more I learnt that there was a lot I could learn from people and alot I could also give back to people too. I’m not as cold as I originally thought.

However, due to various reasons, I am now somewhat content with life and have formed a select group of people to move forward with. The weekends are no longer the protagonists in my life and these days I look forward to them with an air of anticipation.

I have through no purposeful desire changed and I believe I am better for it. Dare I say I’ve been changed.


So voila, over my time I’ve met some fantastic people, whom most I would like to keep some sort of contact with.

One great member however re-ignited my passion for creative and observational based satirical writing, so for that I will always be thankful to her for that. As a Minor tribute, I won’t close my account completely and I’ll always have random writings up for you to explore. Please never be afraid to go through the backlog and I would highly advocate for your feedback on them as a final token gesture .

SO as Superman Said to his beloved Lois Lane when asked if he’d still be around, He smiles to her and retorts…

‘I’m always around…’

and I always will be (perving with my x-ray vision)

Toodles x