I don’t know why I love you….Do I?

It seems people actually read this shit, so I thought I would update. This segment is another song dissection of possibly the only love song that has made sense to me.

As an engineer, I come from a world where theories are made based on observation of simple cause and effect phenomena. Or we also derive logic from process of elimination. If it’s not in column A. B or C, then it must be Element D.

With emotions it’s not always so simple. Many people have found it hard to describe what love is and most people often misrepresent is as a plethra of other emotions all working in situ. While this may be true, Stevie Wonder cleverly depicts love as a process of elimination with his timeless 1968 masterpiece, ‘I don’t know why I love you’

This is the ultimate love song, everyone that’s ever been in love knows you put yourself in the most vulnerable of circumstances, mostly to no avail but you still stay. Love is void of any sense of comprehension, logic or understanding and this song completely encapsulates the madness of it. The very fact he attempts to ration it leads to further frustration and anger. Yet the resounding thought is even when stacked up against the wall of logical evidence to the contrary, he’s still in love. He UNDERSTANDS it and hates the very idea. Yet it’s still all that matters to him and he accepts his predicament.

To love is to condemn yourself to the mercy of others. However I would happily say that I am in love with this song. So do as you will me Stevie, just be careful with those wandering piano hands of yours, I know you’re not ‘really’ blind, you perv….