The Plot twist is…there isn’t a plot twist…

The plotwist is a guise in movies that has been used repeatedly in the last few decades as a means of injecting some form of ‘added entertainment’ to our visual based mediums.

This includes TV programs, Films, documentaries, adverts, cartoons and has been also been heavily featured in books.

One of my favourite plot twists resides in Alejandro Amenába’s 2001 film ‘The Others’, when Grace stewart (the character played by Nicole Kidman), found out that her and her family, who feared the presences of ghosts in their home, were themselves the unwanted apparitions in question.

But do plot twist have a place in music? Can you draw in one’s attention to a specific set of characters and then provide the reprieve that is the twisted truth, audially in 4 minutes.

Tamia not only attempts to answer this but delivers this with a great impact.

Her work 2000 is titled ‘stranger in my house’.

In it she highlights the growing emphasis of the reality of a love-filled relationship that has grown cold. She remembers how things used to be and compares it to the apparent emptiness that occurs now.

She compares her partner’s reactions to her to be as being as if they were strangers.

In a frustrated attempt to get the truth, she fires intimate questions at him about their sexual relations and also aspects of their past. One which any life long partner would be able to rattle out the answers to them.

While voyaging through this socratic exercise, she reaches an ephiphany, that it is not her partner that had changed in this relationship but her.

She had involuntarily evolved from her initial needs in the relationship and her partner’s efforts to pacify her no longer were working.

Without knowing, She had become the stranger in her home. Just like Nicole Kidma’s Grace Stewart.

We are sometimes too busy trying to blame everyone else for the problems in our lives without realising what’s right infront of us all along.

That we are ultimately responsible.

We have all become strangers in our home, but as Tamia notices in this beautiful musical anecdote, and Nicole Kidman does in ‘The Others’ ,we all realise a lil too late to salvage things.