The Birthday Room

I’ve always wanted something along the lines of this. I believe Each year on your birthday you should dedicate time to yourself for personal growth and reflection. Let me explain..

You would open up your wardrobe door, separate your hung clothes and be confronted with a door handle which only appeared on this day. You would open it and shut it behind you. You would find yourself enclosed in a long dark corridor which forced you to pace forward into it. That is until you felt the hinges of a swinging door and it would swing you into a bright room.

This room would be white, with nothing on it at all.You’ll find that you’re the only person who’s ever been here and ever will. Even so, you won’t be alone.

Depending on the time of day you choose to spend in there ultimately affects the company you’ll have be greeted with.

You see as time goes by you’ll be met and greeted by other versions of yourself. on different birthdays throughout your life. They’ll all come into the room from the same door you have.

To save from you from morbid aspects of things, you wouldn’t be allowed to voice exactly which birthday you represent and neither will the other versions of you. Further more, you’d lose the ability to count to stop you from trying to figure out how old you’d be when you pop your clogs.

Even So, it’s very much possible that you can come in at a time when all your other years are there together or go in alone and truly be by yourself, or only a few of you, which you wish to interact with.

So you get ‘me time’ in its truest sense of the word.

Due to the time travelling analogy, you cant really change much that occurs there. What occurs is bound to occur almost every single time you enter but your experience of events will be different as you age and go through life. Things that you hear from older versions of yourself that you fail to understand now, will inevitably make sense as you become the one uttering those words to past versions of yourself.

You’ll also get to play and interact with more innocent versions of yourself and capture some of the child like qualiites you had and also get to fuss over yourself as a baby. On a flip side you may get to change the nappy or a older more senile version of yourself or simply shove them to stand in a corner (remember the cruelty of your past ways will catch up with your eventually).

Secret in jokes older versions of you may miss, may become part of your psyche, as you grow to understand why it’s become funny, as life makes itself relevant.

You can actively look back at moments in your life with varying perception and see equally how other versions of you look back on them (or see if they even remember).

You can also try and guess which one is the next ‘you’ while hiding that fact from previous versions of yourself.

Finally, you can potentially catch a glimpse of your potential or missed opportunities and either strike to become or alter future outcomes. Or take life as it comes and sit back and chill.

When you’d had enough, you’d say your goodbyes and return from the door from which you came, hopefully with a fresh mindset about the year ahead.

And what you may ask is the point of this whole ordeal?

You can always ask me on my birthday…that is, if you can find me…