Rock Beats Scissors, Rock Beats Paper, Rock Beats Everything…Rock bloody ROCKS!!!

If you’ve had a snoop at my profile, you’ll notice the addition of a dude in green looking pretty battered. This ladies is the ballad of Rock Lee.

Rock Lee unlike many modern day anime characters, has NO powers. In a world where the extraordinary has become the norm, He is not just human, he is subman. Mocked by his ninja colleagues and shunned by most of his teachers as incapable. A waste of time and space.

However, he has something that is beyond superhuman limits, and that is the will to be the best. And so forth, instead of  giving up, he dedicates his life to making the basic and ordinary become exceptional, and he perfoms this purely with an iron will, hard work and determination. No short cuts, Deux ex Machinas or Mcguffins.

In this fight, his impossibly powerful adversary vastly underestimates him and on the verge of defeat unleashes his deadliest attack, enough to kill any assailant. Rock Lee takes this devestating hit and loses the bout, lying unconcious and damaged.

On his adversary leaving the areana, he looks back to provide you with the beautiful picture below. Rock Lee is unconcious and on the verge of death has somehow risen to his feet and assumed a fighting stance, ready to continue fighting, running on nothing but determination. Simply unbelievable.


Even in the face of oblivion, he never surrenders, he never gives up. He will never fall even if broken, blugeoned and absent from mind. He is a living embodiment of perserverance.

He makes me ashamed for ever thinking of giving up and for not finding the inherent power of refining the everyday abilities we all have take for granted.

Rock Lee, You have highlighted what I need to do and what I need to do it with. Even though you’re fictional, I’ll never forget your inspiration.

Arigato Lee-san

ps for those interested, relevant video part starts at 4:50