What immortal hand or eye. Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

As most of you would know the different sides (or hemispheres) of your brain react differently and INDEPENDENTLY to similar situations. Finding out exactly what ratio of each side you use, helps determine what type of personality you have. While we both ultimately use both sides and therefore have overlapping characteristics, one side will inevitably be the more dominant force.

Here are traits associated with each side’s dominance…


More than likely, you are going to be predominantly left brain orientated as right brained orientated people only cover approximately 2% of the adult population.

Also your hemispheres control sides of your body. Infact, they control the opposite side of the body. In a very broad example, The Left hand side of the brain controls the RIGHT hand side of the body and vice versa. People with truly ambidextrous qualities have a natural and equal control over both sides of their bodies.

I’ve recently taken multiple tests that have highlighted that I’m RIGHT brain dominant, with a 70/30 split. This explains quite a few things about my personality and the way I’ve gone about my life. It also explains my terrible right hand writing, since i should naturally be a lefty (and my secret lust for lefties). It also highlights my Left eye dominance, which always made right handed rifle shooting a ballache. There are lots of traits i adhere to given in the links below



Now if you consider the paragraph above about different sides of the brain being used to control opposite sides of the body, then they also control our facial expressions and one can highlight different emotions being omitted by different sides of a face in one picture. We all assume that our faces are perfectly symmetrical but this really isn’t the case.

You can analyze this for yourself. Take a forward facing picture of yourself with your head straight. Now, split the picture down the middle in photoshop and mirror the separate images against one another to make a complete LEFT and a complete RIGHT face. as shown by the diagram. Repeat with multiple facial expessions for shits and giggles


Here are some celebrity examples



For normal people, the face displayed on the left hand side is your DOMINANT right hand face controlled by the DOMINANT left hand side of your brain. The face displayed on the right hand side is the REPRESSED Left hand face controlled by the REPRESSED right hand side of your brain. (Basically Right side show right brain influence and left side shows left brain influence, SIMPLES)

For me, it seems the repressed and dominant sides are completely reversed (typical). HOwever, my left hand side seems pretty symmetrical and from the nose down, all of them are very similar. HOwever I would state that my evil arty devilish flirty brilliant side is represented by the pic on the right, while my safe secure, sensible and logical side is provided by the pic on the left.

Have a judge for yourself.

Here are some great extracts on the original subject link: