March 15

A random coincidence that is coincidentally random (or not)

I’m not a believer of Randomness per say.

I believe everything in this world and universe falls under the logic of cause and reaction and we can always predict the reaction if we know enough data about the data. Everything happens for a reason (not a predisposed destiny but a post-recorded identifiable path). Further more any choices we have made, ultimately affect the next set of choices in a cumulative scale with makes the odds of ever have done them uniquely in the first place seem less than what is acceptable as random in the first place. Infact if you put them together from the beginning of time, everything anyone does would be deemed a miracle.



Consider this example

I’m been munching on chips quite a bit recently and I started noticing something. Regardless of when and where I had chips, I’d always find that the scraggly ones always end up at the bottom of the bag. Coincidence??? Fuck no…


Now when the guy is serving them, he has no real essence of where each chip will end up so he has no control over it, so the chips are ‘randomly’ distributed across the paper. So therefore I must be subconsciously making choices that mean that I leave the worst chips to last. But that’s not what I think I’m doing when I’m eating. clearly i just think I’m picking up any chip.

So without even realising it, my mind has subconsciously taken all the great big tasty chips out of the equation and left the weaker undesirable ones to be left till last (and hopefully discarded if i wasn’t such a greedy bugger). We have no conscious control of this and most of us don’t even realise we are doing it but we do it on a day to day basis with pretty much every decision we make in life, regarding the ability to choose indiscriminately.

This is the notion that Darwin put forward when he put together his theories of natural selection.


The Butterfly effect

A meteorologist was once using old data to model a weather phenomenon, he whacked it into a model and found the results were COMPLETELY different from the original. He was mind boggled for days and then looked at his data he had taken. One one point out of a few million, The original had been taken to 9 decimal places while his was just to 8. This tiny tiny detail was enough to spiral the whole model out of course and predict sometime new entirely.

hence why Henri Poincare suggested how small changes in conditions (aka a Butterfly flapping its wings) can cause massive consequences somewhere down the weather system.


Based on this, if we were aware of every circumstance and input, throughout the course of history, I think we would clearly be able to predict the future. Unfortunately, what we need is an infinitely massive computer power, a complex enough model, all data on everything ever in a qualitative fashion and also infinite time to process this model and also stream the results to get real time predictions.

My point?

I guess the only real point I have out of all of this is I need to stop eating chips and thinking at the same time. Apart from this, I think it shows that everything ultimately has a pre-existing cause and reaction and once you start to look at life this way (i.e. a knotted piece of string), you can go back to the root of various events, untie them and re-direct your destiny if you are strong enough to do so. There is no such thing as coincidence, lucky or unlucky.

Good or Bad Luck is nothing but the right or wrong mixture of opportunity preparation of confidence.

Is that a Random coincidence, that is my favourite quote? I think not…