BabyHitler April 18

Short and reassuring….part 52….

And they all lived happily ever after . Doctor: Hey I have some good news We were fortunate to find a doner overnight. We took your son straight in to operate The operation was a success Your little boy is going to make it He’s going to lead a healthy and normal life Congratulations oh, […]

leap-of-faith April 18

Short and to the point….part 51…

Wide Open You know what I want from you, what I really want? …. ok…. …. I just want to have enough faith in you To finally be be brave enough to take a running leap and fling myself wide open To finally be my real self Good and bad and for you to shut […]

firstlove-flowers April 10

How I Met Your Mother vs The Wonder Years – The paradigmal shift in finding the love of your life

Thanks for the memories After nine long years on the air, this week, the hit show ‘How I Met Your Mother’ (HIMYM) aired its final episode, drawing the successful comedy to a close. *sniff* . . Since there will be plenty of people already writing about the specifics of the finale, I’m gonna steer well clear […]

0 April 02

Everything right and wrong with the world in 3 minutes -Homeless lottery winner prank

You know when I Said I was gonna kill you last…I lied I know I know, I’ve just put up a post about being done with youtube and yes, this post is going to be about a specific youtube video I watched, and YES, today is April’s fools but all these things are purely coincidental […]

48750_bootube April 01

Well it’s official

End of an era… So after approximately say 8 years… since 2006 when this magical thing came into my life and fulfilled it royally, I have run out of things to watch and waste my time with on youtube. . A long time ago, I never thought this day would be possible with all the […]

Funky+Jazz+Piano January 10

Music month: Song of the Day Veinticuatro

Throughout my other entries, I have focussed on the joys of song, this time round, I want to speak about the contributionof a certain instrument and its impact on myself. . El Diablo – The Piano .  Veinticuatro Before breaking up for the festive holidays, I was speaking to a relatively new work colleague about their […]

Bus_Stop_i..don_Fog December 31

Short and deployed to the furthest corners of the night…..part 50…..

Person 2: So tell me all about this dream then? Person 1: Alright, let me quickly try and set the picture … So it’s late and I’m walking somewhere, it’s also raining. It wasn’t that heavy type rain, it was just a trickle but  definitely enough to make you notice it, especially when the wind […]


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